GSA 4167B 5 x Rip Speed - What is going on?

I am really getting tired of buying drives that dont deliver.

Just ran Nero Drive speed test after a dissapointingly slow DVD rip and its only showing 5 x speed.

What the Hell?

The CD Freaks review gave 8x for dual layer and 10x for single. I have DL12 firmware currently and connot downlaod DL13 from the LG site because I keep getting error messages “Not authorised / No there”


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I wisjh just once I could buy one of these things and it worked.

Any ideas? Anyone got the DL13 FW to try?

A riplock was introduced in DL12 for some unknown reason. And it is still present in DL13

DL11 doesnt have the riplock but its not as good at writing dvds and also cant burn audio cds properly.

Yeah, you have to decide whether you want fast rips, or better audio. However, DL13 can be found around here someplace…I’d upload it, but I don’t have my FTP software installed right now…

Apparently you can simply upload it as a zip file in a post. Saw that a few days ago.

Cheers Tim :)…anyway, it’s not on this PC, it might be on the one where I have the 4167 installed. Meantime, I’ll try and find a copy for the OP. :slight_smile:

Edit: alright, the file is too big to upload. DVD_Maniac, you can download DL13 here - I just DLed it, and it worked for me. Be sure to try both mirrors. :slight_smile:

Tried that link and all I get is “403 FORBIDDEN - INCORRECT OR MISSING REFERRER FOR REQUESTED FILE” tried it with Firefox and IE now!


Anyone know of a hacked FW set for this drive which gets rid of this stupid riplock and adds RPC1? I tried the usual sites such as Dangerous Brothers and drew a blank.

I think I might go back to NEC’s at this rate. No riplocks on their current drives and easy to get hold of original and hacked FW’s if you want them…

The referrer problem could be a firewall issue…

Yep, just realised that might be the problem, disabling my firewall sorted the problem.

Now if only I can find a hacked version without this stupid rip-lock!

Anyone know of one or work in progress on one?

The same topic is covered here :

If you want to know the progress of the work on looking at that idiotic riplock, you’ll have to ask ala42 in his thread about MCSE (linked to in that thread above).

You could try those from TDB:

use the dl11 firmware i rip and burn 10 dvds per day and all of them works great. dl12 and dl13 are the same both are slow when you rip.

There is already an open topic on this issue, basically it’s being worked on.

We are not going to discuss this further here.

Brother Vlad

Thanks - I had searched the DB page before and missed it.

I see they have DL11 - DL13 hacks for RPC1 and “Auto Reset”. What does the “Auto Reset” hack do exactly?

Do either of these have the rip lock feature removed - I assume not as the file dates are 16/02/06 and looking at the DB post from Brother Vlad it is yet to be implemented.

Just tried the DB RPC1 DL13 version and the rip lock is still there - just have to ne patieny then for the Brothers to release a new version.

BTW, anyone know why on earth LG has been daft enough to rip lock a perfectly good drive with a new firmware release? I doubt this has been a user request on a forum or via their support process.

I smell a Film Industry rat here…

AUTO RESET is RPC-2 firmware, but the regioncode counter will be reset every time you reboot… :slight_smile:

Have a look at the thread posted by TDB above. They have just released an anti-riplock version of DL13 that deals with the silly 5x rip speed! They are also still working on it and trying to improve it a little more.

I missed that - thanks, karangguni :bigsmile:

First Test looking good, with DVD Decrypter peaking at 12x on DL :smiley:

Thanks guys from the DB!

When will these drive makers stop putting these stupid idiotic locks on their drives which only can result in customer annoyance :rolleyes:

Or could it be that other parties are controlling their actions… :cop:

Thanks for posting results, DVD_Maniac (be nice to see a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test ;)) - I won’t be able to flash my 4167 til next Saturday (it’s in my other PC at my mum’s) :smiley:

It pretty much looks the DVD-ROM graphs posted in the thread we mentioned.

It is there to limit the noise during video play back, when you really don’t want it sounding like a tornado thrashing through a trailer park. Customers using the drive with a HTPC would find that annoying, so it’s really a matter of which customers they are pandering too.

Brother Vlad