GSA 4166b.... Woo Hoo!



My GSA 4120b died a couple of weeks ago…
Took it to an LG service centre and left it with them, got a call about 10 days later telling me to come and pick up my new GSA 4166b… :slight_smile:
Yey for 2 year warranties, my old drive was about 18 months old.
Drive built Dec 05 with 1.02 firm.
So far it has done flawless burns on DVD-R media at 16x in about 6 mins.


Welcome to the club…and the forum!

I <3 my 4166, too :slight_smile:


congratulation guy, LG serve good warranty in you country
LG in China only serve 1 year warranty
then after 1 year,
we got problems…