GSA 4166B Schizophrenia



I have a GSA 4166B Lightscribe drive with firmware 1.02. Yesterday, I was burning a CD (Verbatim) label on this media. To make the image dark enough, I usually tell the SureThing software I use to burn two labels. When the first burn is complete I just hit the tray button and close the burner to burn the same disk with the same image.

The 4166B burned the image the first time just fine. When the media was ejected and I was prompted for another blank, I just hit the button to close the tray. A minute later the tray opened and I received the error message that there was NO lightscribe media in the burner!!! It was the exact media that I had just burned.

This is not the first problem I have had with this burner and another LG lightscribe burner. However, all attempts at getting any response, much less help, out of LG has failed. These folks have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE as far as I am concerned.

Does anyone have any ideas why this burner would be so schizophrenic?


I have 3 different brands of LS burners,that said I find some disc will just not burn LS and some will,I think it is just your media.





Let me clarify…I was trying to burn twice on the SAME media. The first burn was just fine, I did not remove the media from the tray at the beginning of the second burn, I just pushed the button to close the tray and clicked on continue. If the burner was able to burn to the media the first time why in heck did it not burn the very same media the second time. I used the Memorex brand media. In the OP I said Verbatim but I was mistaken. I have three lightscribe burners and I never had a problem with Memorex before.


I was burning a CD-R and the extended contrast utility only works on DVD print modes. It says this in the first sentence of the link you just sent me.


Well I got to say I am lost on this one.


I’m not so sure about the quality of Memorex discs, but that’s different from LS again.
Have you tried different media?


Yes, I have. The Verbatim branded CD-R media I first bought was really iffy on being recognized. I also bought some HP media and it also had problems. I bought a 10 pack of the Memorex and never had a problem with any of it.

The most recent package of Verbatim I bought did not appear to be a bad as the older stuff.

This is the first time my 4166B has done this, but my other LG the 2166D has many more problems with recognizing CD-R media. LG has been of absolutley NO HELP with this issue and neither have the media vendors.

No problems, however, with DVD media burning lightscribe. A LG person told me about issues related to the LG being able to read the coded bars near the hole in the CD, but they offered no hope of LG doing anything about firmware to address this.

I guess I was just astounded that the burner would reject the very same media it had just burned on. I cannot figure that out.

My Lite On lightscribe has had no such problems. I am about convinced that both my LG products are crap and the company is not interested in supporting them.

It’s always the media. I don’t buy it.


Yea I can see why you are at the end of your rope on this one.


I finally got someone on the phone at LG. They are replacing the 2166D. I got the tech to understand the issue with the 4166 not recognizing the same media on the second burn. He sent the issue up the food chain and this afternoon his upper level techs said to install the latest host software for light scribe. Well, I told them I had already done this at the very beginning.

I guess they just don’t listen.

I may just toss both of them in the dumpster and buy some more Lite on burners. If Lite On can do it why can’t LG.