GSA-4166b refuses to read DVD-Video Media

Hello folks,

my new DVD burner LG GSA-4166b refuses to read any DVD-Video media I bought. :frowning: But it’s very strange that there’s no problem in connection with reading CDr’s, data DVDrs and writing CDr’s and DVDr’s. :confused: If I put in an DVD video the led flashes for some time and then it goes out. If I tray to access the drive with the explorer it just says: “No media in Drive”. I have already the newest firmware installed. Only DVD-Video media can’t be read. Perhaps it has to do with double layer media. I have no DVDr data double layer disc at home so I just can test the double layer DVD video discs which don’t work.

My System:

Win XP home SP2
P4 2Ghz
256Mb Ram
DVD burner is secondary Master

Thanks and greets :wink:

Is the drive showing in device manager with the correct region setting?

Yes, the drive has the correct region code setting… Any other ideas? :frowning:

Thanks so far,

ONLY 256mb RAM???

What dvd player software is installed?

You could try with VLC tool.

What software are you using to watch DVD’s with? If you open that program and try to access the movie from there, what happens? I suppose you could try re-setting the region on the drive.

Does the disc play in anything else?

Well, look with Nero Infotool for the 1.01 firmware date :

The good one is dated 11/14, download it from here :

The bad 1.01 is dated from 10/18 :

ItalianJob , you saved me a lot of trouble. You were completely right. I just checked the firmware number and not the date, when I said I had the latest firmware (It was the wrong fw you described). Now the drive works with all DVDs! It’s interesting and a shame for LG, that they deliver their drives with a fw, that is not working… :a

Thanks for your help :bow: and greetings

Cool. We are now waiting for the 1.02 firmware.

It is out, just not yet available other than in new drives. I have had such phenomenal burns with 1.01 that I am in no hurry.

I have the same problem, so I can’t play copy protected DVD’s and some other DVD’s in my drive. I got already correct region settings and firmware number and date, but it still doesn’t work. I have tried almost everything!!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME? This is really annoying :a

Install the 1.02 firmware and use PowerDVD for instance.