GSA 4166B Problem

Hi guys, I have a LG GSA 4166B driver and it suddenly stops working
It doens’t read dvd neither burn them (with the same type of media that i’ve always used), but read cd normally (i didn’t test burn cds).

What could be wrong? I already unnitalled and reinstalled it, did a lot of things, but nothing, i’m tired of losing DVDs!

I remember when i bought my driver, it also doesn’t work, but i just format de pc, and it worked perfectly. But i recently formated my pc, and i don’t wanna to do it again.


Maybe the laser-lens for DVD is dirty/defect.

What you mean? How can i check that?

this is a very frequent problem with the 4166 and it cannot be only due to dirt or defect on lens , there must be another thing not noticed and maybe someone will find it and help all the users of this drive

Yes, it seems to be a very problematic driver.
But i forgot about it, i just bought another one (H50N).

Thanks man!