GSA-4166B need some looky see

I’m having a return of the proverbial 5 to 8 second freeze on home player, I’m almost cetain it’s the LG, been through the post’s months ago, I was certain the TY’s burning x16"s at x8, had cured the ploblem untill last sunday. now…attempting to run a PI test on sundays burn that froze 2 times, 35 ninutes into. then 1:30, I discover a nightmare!! I cant run the PI with the LG, the radio button in nero wont light,but I can run bench mark and surface scan,then …I cant save the PNG…error mesage…had to print screen and convert the BITMAP…I drop the disc to liteon ROM…and all the functions work!! and the PI scan is real ugly !!! burned with the LG. I never tried to run the PI with the 1.00 firmware, has there been any problems with the 1.02 ? !! also… I had no problem saving the PNG using the liteon… I couldn’t find no problems in the IDE secondary using device manager, I dont think it’s a nero software issue… your expertise would realy be appreciated !! I’m ready to trash the LG !!!

LG writers cannot do quality scans. They don’t support that function. That is why the “start” button was greyed out. There isn’t anything wrong with the drive, nor did upgrading your firmware cause that.

The PNG saving problem is probably some bug in CD Speed and does not have anything to do with the drive itself.

Your scan was done with a Lite-On DVD-ROM drive. Scans generated by DVD-ROM drives in general are not accurate. Only scans with a Lite-On/BenQ DVD writer are considered trustworthy. So do not place too much emphasis on what that scan tells you - scanning with a Lite-On writer for example, will probably give you an entirely different picture.

I am not sure about the 4166B, but not all drives handle 16x TY media well. I am also not sure of the history of your problem, which obviously seems to have existed for a while, so please pardon me if I ask questions which have already been dealt with.

What other burn speeds have you tried burning those discs at? Also, are you certain those TY discs are real TYs?

concerning the ty’s, I posted yesterday that question with a nero cd/drive speed disc info shot and the hub # was requested and verified by our forum members, I’v tried a virety of speeds, and file formatts, and proggs. I rip with the liteon to MDF, from virtual I use clonedvd, and allways keep from compression when possible. burn speeds have been x4, x8,x16, and with shelf dvd.s been through most all name brands ussual at 4x…thanks for your reply…and the BenQ sounds attractive…what model would you sejust…lightscribe is not nessessary, I would rather have a bulletproof DVD-R burn

The LG drives cant do this sort of (PIE/PIF - Jitter) scan :frowning: and the sole reason for my ‘best drive for scanning thread’.

Its not any sort of problem they just dont have something that is needed, if you have a Liteon then just use that to do the scan (like you have), but I think unless the scan you have done has something that is obvious to cause the problem then I would think you need a before and after to see if something has gone bad with the disk or not, I must admit that I am still a real n00b in this area and sure someone can give you more info.