GSA-4166B is acting... weird

Up until a few days ago it was working fine, but now the drive won’t even detect blank cds, no matter what brand, and when ever I put a blank DVD in it says it’s a CD, again using different brands. It still reads CDs and DVDs even if they are pressed or ones I have made myself. Despite this, when I use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed tool, it says that the medium in the tray is indeed a DVD (both 4.7 and 8.5 GB) but CDs don’t even register. Funnily enough, the lightscribe feature still works… and it’s driving me nuts.

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, but I’m kinda new around here :bigsmile:

If you’re talking about Windows Explorer displaying “CD drive”, that’s a Windows bug, not a problem with your drive.

As to the not recognizing blank CDs problem, I suggest uninstalling ATIP-hiding software like Alcohol or Daemon Tools and trying again after that. :slight_smile:

I’ve already uninstalled Daemon tools and alcohol and it didn’t work…
And I tried to create a DVD using Clone DVD and I’ve tried to write DVDs and CDs using Nero and still no dice

CrazyHappyNinja, did you read and understand this ? Nothing is wrong with your drive, there is no burning problem. Windows is just trying to fool you.

I to am having the same issues. I can play any type of media in the drive, but when I place a blank cdr in the drive it does not reconize that the drive has any media in the drive.

I have tried removing the drive and reinstalling. Removing the ata drivers and reinstalling them with no effect except that the drive is now reconized as a recorder instead of just a reader.

If I insert a blank DVD it does reconize it, but it looks like it thinks that it is a CDR. I have yet to attempt to use a blank CDRW to determine what it does with that.

Any help would be apprecated

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
What you is just a display problem if the windows explorer which you can ignore.
Your burning software will detect the media.

I just checked a blank CDRW and it works just like it should. I tried using Nero CD-DVD speed 4.6 under the disc info it shows the CDRW and the DVD+R correctly, but will not show any information on the blank CDR.

I understand that Windows has a habit of not reporting information correctly, but this feels like true error.

I’m having similiar problems. For some reason my drive started acting up as well. Now when i try to use DVD+R DL media and ImgBurn, it reports that the disc is not empty. I pop that same media in my other computer which has BenQ 1655 and it works fine. Occasionally I put in a regular commercial movie DVD and it reports media not present. These are recent developments. and the behavior is the same whether I’m using ImgBurn, DVD Decrypter, regular Windows File Explorer, etc.

There seems to be region problem with the drive under XP sometimes .
My fix : reinstall hacked 1.01 firmware (no firmware version check) and restart Windows. Install last LG 1.02 firmware and restart Windows.
Insert a commercial movie of your favorite “region” (“zone 2” for me) and play it with PowerDVD or another software…
=> All is OK again for me, my blanks TYG03 are seen as 16X and no more 4X blank discs…

(For unofficial 1.01 firmware : )

It’s the drive - hands down no doubt. The LG GWA-4166B is pure garbage. One of the crappiest drives on the market today. I work in IT and support over 500 machines. We received in a shipment of about 90 machines with that drive in it about a year or so ago. So far, we’ve replaced over half of them with the read problems and write problems. Sometimes with CDs, others with DVDs. Bottom line, get your money back or if it’s under warranty with your PC, request the GSA-H21L. We’ve gotten in the H21Ls as replacements and have had 100% success. Some of the junkers (4166B)were replaced with the 4166B junkers and two weeks later, they crapped out. They sent BACK for the second replacement, the GSA-H21L and all has been well.

Stay away from the 4166B, PERIOD!

I totally agree, 4166B is waste of money and time.

I have similar problems with my 4166B, it does everything but writing on DVD discs which drives me nuts cause that was the main feature I was looking for. After spending some $$ to try different brand DVD’s I’m ready to throw it out for good. It simply won’t detect any DVD disk in the tray. The funniest thing is that it worked some time ago right after I installed it and I even burned few discs and than it went dead. Thanks for your posts guys about this junk, I won’t waste any more time trying to make it work.