GSA-4165B Firmware DL04 is out

Just found these on the Japanese LG site.
Hope fully this fixes my DVD-RAM slow writing problem.

Here are the fixes:

¡Ø New firmware (ver. DL04) for only GSA-4165B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

¡ß Model:GSA-4165B
¡ß Ver DL04
¡ß Improvement Point
-. Improvement of rewriting ability for DVD-RAM
-. Improvement of recording quality for Ultra speed CD-RW
-. Improvement of recording quality for some DVD¡¾R and DVD¡¾RW

Get the zipped file here:
Look at bottom of first post.
I’ve got it uploaded, as Japanese site very hard to get to

The Singapore and Australian LG sites have that firmware update as well. From observation I’ve noticed that both of those sites tend to be about the first to be updated first when a new version of firmware appears. I’m not sure why LG does this. Stranger yet, when you realise that the 4165B isn’t available in Singapore!

Anyway, links -
SG LG service site
AU LG service site

For both websites, click on Device Driver and then DVD-ROM(Writer). Can’t provide a direct link to the section for firmware.

Curses, the Firmware won’t update via Firewire or USB :frowning:
Can’t test the so called improvements.

I’ll have to take to friends place and it via IDE hookup.

AFAIK, all LG internal drives are like that. The firmware updates won’t work on a drive in an external case. Don’t try using the firmware for the external version of that drive (5165, if it exists) either. That too won’t work.

The GSA-516xD external firmwares are identical to the same model GSA-416xB internal ones last we checked.

We have posted the Beta RPC1 and Auto-Reset versions.

Brother Vlad

Brother Vlad :bow: I have been a deciple for many years of your great work.
You have a great resource for the masses, long may you continue.

I’ll give it a go and get back with my results.

I’ve trying to get hold of you but the site was shifting and out of reach.

Firmware updater don’t work with Win2k, it can’t find the drive.
Windows and BIOS detect the drive.
Placed the drive as Master on Secondary channel as per instructions.
Drive works just fine in Win2K, except for updater.

I’ll find an XP machine and try again.

Brother Vlad,

I managed to get the firmware updated with your one.
The counter keeps counting down and when to zero doesn’t reset.
I can no longer play any zone other than 4 (my home zone)
If you could have a look please that would be awsome, as I’d say there will be other 4165B owners out there soon.

Cheers, Pieter.


Sorry Vlad, I was too hasty, I didn’t reboot machine (I have laptop and rarely reboot)
The drive auto resets to 3 changes remaining.
I’m very happy with this :slight_smile:

Nero also now burns ISO’s although it takes ages to get started

This firmware update is for drives with original firmware versions below DL03.
The drives must be original LG branded drives with the DVD Writer model number
GSA-4165B(no OEM units).

i baught an oem unit gsa-4164b and i need to know if i can use this firmware update or not,why does it say no oem’s? there all the same unit no? :confused:

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
The 4164 uses a different chipset, so you can not use the 4165 firmwares. Currently there are no updates for the 4164 at all.

hey thanx for the warm welcome and the speedy response.:slight_smile:

tho i just noticed i made a typo(my bad :o ),i have the 4165b not a 4164 :o sry about that.i still wondering if i can use that update or not as it says no oem’s,but my model numbers match up perfectly,i just need someone to let me know ya or na as i just baught the drive yesterday and dun want to ruin it,not yet ne way… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx in advance

Which firmware revision does your drive have ?

firmware version DL03,thanx…:slight_smile:

It should be no problem to upgrade to DL04.

cool ill give it a try thanx…:slight_smile:

Hi, does anybody know some new firmware updates for the GSA-4165B?
I cant even find this model on any of LGs sites, weird. :rolleyes:
edit: OK I’ve found the DL05 on LGs service site