GSA-4163B writing only 4x for memorex DVDs

Hi, Im a beginner for all of these things, and I saw a couple threads about the 16x memorex dvds only being able to write 4x on the GSA-4163B because it doesnt recogonize the dvd, Can someone give me a step by step instructions on using MediaCodeSpeedEdit to change the firmware to make it accept the 16x for the memorex.

And on the website for LG, it says when I install the firmware, I should have my dvd drive on Master and on the Secondary IDE controller, but curently I have my dvd drive on slave connected to my hard drive which is connected to the primary IDE controller and my second IDE controller is taken by my CD drive…Do I really have to change my dvd drive to the secondary controller? and if so, when would it cause any trouble with my dvd drive since it was originally on the primary IDE controller?

Welcome to the forum. First, are you using A105. I would expect that it would work, so try it first. I would be surprised if you could just modify an old firmware to go at 16X and get a decent burn. In any event, it is a hit and miss proposition that will use up a lot of discs.

Also, if you get to Office Max, you will find a bunch of Verbatim 16X -R, MCC 03RG20, that is a near perfect burn on the LG 4163. $15 per 50.

And also, you should be able to flash your drive as it is. Some people have had a problem with some hardware and you might need to change it, but it should not hurt to try it first, as is.

Currently Im using A104

First, do what chas0039 suggested, upgrade to A105 first.

Next, it is probably impossible to give you step by step instuctions for that without any more information because Memorex discs are not a constant. Memorex does not make discs, it just buys from others and rebrands, very much like “house brand” products in a supermarket. Who it buys from differs from time to time. Because of that, Memorex 16x discs could really be any discs made by nearly anyone from time to time.

Firmware writing strategies are based on who makes the discs, not what brand is on the label. So in order to help you, you need to find out the media id code of the discs in question. Download DVD Identifier from here :

Run it on the discs and report back here with what the media ID code is. We can then try to give you help with that information.

After going through all this, you might want to avoid brands like these which just rebrand random media. It is too much like gambling.

the manufacturer name is CMC Magnetics Corp. and the ID is CMC MAG. AM3

CMCMAG.AM3 is not supported in firmware 1.04 and 1.05 thus it will be written only at 4x using default strategy.

Guess I’ll never buy Memorex dvd’s anymore, although I have 40 more to use, Does anyone know if the Sony DVD-R’s work well with the GSA-4163B?

Ok. Now here is what you can do to try and get those to burn at 16x using MCSE :

General Idea of What We Are Doing :

The latest version of 4163B firmware has no support for writing CMC MAG AM3 at 16x. What we want to do is to use a 16x DVD-R burning strategy for another manufacturer’s discs to burn those. To do that we use MCSE.

Steps :

  1. Download the latest version of firmware (A105) and save the file somewhere
  2. Start up MSCE (I assume you already have it)
  3. Load the firmware file you downloaded in step 1
  4. Look around the list of firmware strategies shown and pick one of the 16x DVD-R strategies. For example, let’s say MCC03RG20 (Verbatim 16x DVD-R). Click on that strategy.
  5. You will then see that “MCC 03 RG20” will appear in some boxes around the right hand side of the screen.
  6. Change “MCC 03 RG20” in those boxes to “CMC MAG AM3”.
  7. If prompted to confirm your changes, say yes.
  8. Near the top of the screen, type in the name to save your modified firmware file to.
  9. Save the changes and exit MCSE.
  10. Flash your drive with the modified firmware.

Note that flashing with modified firmware does void your warranty. Also, I can’t tell you which of the various 16x DVD-R strategies to choose. You have to find out what works best by trial and error I’m afraid.

Not to hijack the thread, because the question is relevant, do either of you know if MCC 03 RG20 is supported in A103?


Just had a look at A103 with MCSE and it looks like the write strategy for it is there at 16x. So it should support it.

Hi guys, I’m new here so don’t be angry if this has been posted. I have the same problems as the original poster and am wondering if the Memorex DVD+R 16x gives the same problem with this type of burner? If not, I am going to buy that instead of the DVD-R. Any help appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the forum. You must have missed it above, but you need to get the media ID as Memorex, and many others, use different media. CDSpeed will get it for you.

So far, Memorex uses Ricoh, Prodisc, MCC, CMC, and Philips for their +R 16X media. The LG A105 firmware supports all of them.

So that means currently all the Memorex DVD+R 16x is supported by this LG DVD burner and thus, I can burn at 16x by defaulth without changing any lines or codes in the A105 firmware file for this burner?
I hope I don’t have to overwrite some of the lines using MSCE program on the A105 firmware file.
I don’t really know the media ID of the Memorex DVD+R 16x but it’s at the local Futureshop in Toronto. In order for me to find out the media ID, I would have to buy the pack and as such, I won’t be able to refund it since it’ll be opened after I check for the media ID.

The DVD+R 16x does not have a problem if you get the same media in your pack as I did, which is Ricoh R03. Burns great and a full Nero test disc in 5:36. It does a fine job too, though not as good as some other drives with newer firmware releases. No worries though, the quality score was 96. I have heard some other people got media with MCC004 which would be awesome and definitely supported at full speed as well.

Currently all the Memorex 16x DVD+R that we know of, anyway.

I hope I don’t have to overwrite some of the lines using MSCE program on the A105 firmware file.
I don’t really know the media ID of the Memorex DVD+R 16x but it’s at the local Futureshop in Toronto. In order for me to find out the media ID, I would have to buy the pack and as such, I won’t be able to refund it since it’ll be opened after I check for the media ID.

Doesn’t that indicate that buying Memorex discs is simply too risky and too troublesome since you never know what you are getting? Why bother buying them at all?

If you have the option you should look for Verbatim 16X. Both -R and +R are supported in A105 and both turn out very high quality burns with my LG.

Thanks for everyone who replied, you’ve been extremely helpful!

This information has been great and I am also new to this post. I have a LG DVD Burner GSA-4120B with firmware A115. My Memorex DVD’s are 16X +R and are made by Ricoh RO3, Nero will only burn these at 4X. I was given 200 of them for a gift so I would like to use them if possible at higher speeds. The 4X is really slow. Thanks in advance for any help

I try to buy my disks either locally, where they can be returned if they aren’t satifactory, or from a reputable online dealer who advertises accurately exactly what they are selling.

Also, once you find a disk your burner likes, stick with it, and buy a lot when the price is right. I use the Verbatims (MCC) mentioned in a earlier post. Eliminates the need to keep upgrading firmware, and having an oversupply of coasters.

As you firmware is not supported at all, the only real option is to buy a new burner or trade off the discs. Your 4X burns are not only slow but also a generic strategy and probably a poor burn.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could try the MCSE tool from here and edit the Ricoh R02 stratagy to work with the R03s. R02 is supported up to 12X but I would start with 8X. You also should get a disc to someone with a Liteon or BenQ for scanning so you can see what you are doing.

Given that there are quite a few improvements in burners, and that they are around $40, buying a new burner is not really a bad idea. Pretty soon all the decent media for sale will be newer 16X discs so this will happen again. Verbatim, for one, has already announced that they are discontinuing all but 16X.