GSA-4163B won't recognise double layer disks



My 4163B dvd writer happily burns single layer dvds and my standalone dvd player happily plays them too. When I put a double layer dvd in the burner it just keeps on asking me to put in a writeble dvd disk. I’ve tried Verbatim and Mirror dvd disks.
can anyone suggest a solution, please? Or is the drive half dead?
mant thanks,


Presumably these are +R DL media & not -R DL?


And which burning app were used??


Yes, +R DL
I used CloneDVD2 trial version to try to burn.
I also asked windoes explorer what it thought of the disk and it just put up ‘Drive not ready’ error message.


Are those Verbatim DVD+DL discs 2.4x or 8x ones? I’m asking because the 4163B does not have firmware support for the 8x version, so it is possible that those will not work on it at all.

There is no point trying to browse a blank DVD disc using Windows explorer. All you will get is an error message!

Just in case it is the software you are using that is at fault, try burning one of those Verbatim DVD+DL discs with Imgburn ( and see if that works. Imgburn is freeware.

Also, what version of firmware is your 4163B using?