Gsa-4163b wont read or write dvds/cds



Hi there all,

This ma first time on here so excuse me what i write on here is a bit dumb…But i my LG GSA-4163b burner will not read or write anymore…I was making a copy of a holiday for other people…It burnt 1 dvd all good and when i went to put the other blank in nothing happend…The message from nero stayed on screen…Ive read and searched the forum and tried what others has and still not working…Firmware i have now is a015…And burning with nero…Anyone able to help???:frowning: Thanks lots


Test the drive in another computer to find out if it is dead or not.


hi there thanks for your help…but i do not know how to take it out…as i am not a computer whizz…Is it easy for me to do???


Hello Melone06 and welcome to the forum.

Here’s a rough description of what must be done :

  1. Pull out plug from computer (no, shutting the computer down is not quite enough)

  2. Open case of computer (this varies from system to system so I can’t tell you how exactly).

  3. Disconnect (pull out) two cables from the back of the DVD writer, one with a short connector with 4 wires (red, yellow, black usually) coming out of it (power cable) and the other with a longish connector connected to a flat ribbon cable (data cable).

  4. There may also be a single wire with a small connector plugged into the back of the drive, usually to one side of the drive. This is the CD audio cable. If this cable is present, you need to pull this out as well. There is usually a small catch on the cable connector which you have to press in order to be able to pull it out from the drive.

  5. Remove the screws holding the DVD writer to the drive bay (there are usually 4 screws, two on each side). Some drive bays like those in systems from manufacturers such as Dell or IBM, tend to have their drives secured using a sort of sliding rail system instead of screws. For these, there is usually a catch you need to poke in with a screw driver, and then the drive can slide out of the bay on its rails.

  6. Slide the drive out through the hole in the front of your casing.

That takes care of taking the drive out. Connecting it to another system involves plugging in the connectors describe in 3 but is slightly more complicated because of something called a jumper setting.

Unfortunately, this can be rather daunting if you have never mucked about with the insides of a system. What I would suggest is if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, ask a mate who is familiar with this sort of thing and ask him to do it for you. Explain to him that you want to remove the drive and test it on another system to confirm if the drive is at fault. It should take about 30min tops to pull out the drive and reconnect it to another system, so it isn’t that big a deal. When he is actually doing the job though, watch what he does and learn from that. My descriptions can’t compare to actually seeing it done yourself. The next time you have to do something like this, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done and you might be able to do it yourself.

Might cost you a can of beer or such for his services, but well worth the learning experience.


cheers for that…will get back to youz…thanks


Thanks for your guys help…the burner had crapped out was lucky dough had 5 more days of my warranty left took it back to the shop and got another burner…So much for reading how good this burner was…Have found that alot of other people are having the same problem with this burner…Let’s hope that the burner i have now lasts…Cheers for your help guys…Much appreciated


Very few complaints in this forum about the 4163B in general. There have been quite a bit of complaints for certain other models though. My own 4163B is a year and a half old and is still ok.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. At least you could get your drive changed for a new one. Better luck with that drive, hopefully :slight_smile: