Gsa-4163b wont read blank/burnt media

Last night after about a 3-4 month absense from burning dvd’s, I found out that my burner was having some problems reading blank or burnt media now. The media I currently have is the Maxell 16x (gold coloured top and I think its the made in taiwan 100 cake). Out of all the Maxells I tried last night, I only managed to find ONE Maxell burnt disc that would spin up. Firmware is A106 also.

I have burnt successfully with that same media in the past, which seemed odd that “all of a sudden” it wouldn’t read dvds anymore, it will still read cds. My alternate drive is an older LG GCC-4480 combo cd burner/dvd read drive and it will play that exact same media that doesnt seem to play now on my GSA-4163. It will not however read a blank dvd disc. So at least I know the media is not the problem because it will play in my other drive.

Sooo would that sound like my 4163 is either dirty, dead or slowly starting to die off? Would it be possible to clean it … or a waste of time??

Right now as a replacement drive, i’am considering a choice between the LiteOn LH-20A1P or LG GSA-62N (w/o lightscribe).

Any suggestions??


indeed, this is a sign of a dying or dusty drive. Is there any possibility to try the drive in another computer just to sort out other system issues?
For dismantling, cleaning and re-greasing, there is a link in the FAQ. Maybe that helps in any way.
If you decide to replace the drive, then don’t throw the LG away since it is an excellent CD writer, especially with TY media :smiley: It is also a very fast CD ripper. Many modern drives are slower under certain conditions.


Thanks Micheal,

I have not tested it on another system, although I think I can give it a shot in my server computer. I hope its nothing wrong with my computer… lol. Well my older cdburner/dvd reader I would just keep that in there since it still is fast for both. Plus right now its the only one working… lol.

I will take a look at the FAQ section.

posting my own reply, opened up the case, gave it a wipe with rubbing alcohol and it worked to read 1 blank and one burnt disc and now its back to where it was… not reading. The light just blinks repeatedly about 2 every second or so.

I have a Lite-On dvdburner on order now anyways :slight_smile:

Hi Nerve2499,
I own the same burners (2x LG GSA-4163B). One of them had the same problems like yours. It was the one with old Firmware A103. There was no way, i had give it back to the dealer, and get a new one. This had the Firmware A104 and now A106. The new drive works perfect. I think, there are some technical probs with some Lg drives. Don’t waste your time, use your warranty, if possible.
Good luck

Hmmm well i think its been pushing 2-3 years now since I have had it. I got the dvd unit as a return RMA unit (sweeeeet) for a older slower etc LG burner. My original one was credited as a defect (which it really wasnt). I was having a PSU problem a while ago and ended up plugging in the power cord to the back of the supply unit while the motherboard was still in “on” mode, soooo everything went to hyper mode and a second later I saw smoke… ROFL. I remember using a HECK of a lotta four letter words! :smiley: Which is also why I have an Antec 450w PSU now.

Smoked my motherboard, hard drive, PSU, dvd burner and sound card. Everything else was ok I think. So after I rebuilt my computer, they sent me this drive back as a return since they didnt have any of my previous drives, they had to give me a better one… lol.

I opened it up and cleaned the lens w/ some rubbing alcohol …worked for a few times, but its still a bit tempermental :slight_smile:

$5 says thats its just the crappy RITEKF1 and if i bought a small pack of Verbatims they would work perfectly … lol.

Updating my older post …

Well, as my last post stated, I had ordered in the Liteon-20A1P as a replacement drive because my 4163b was having problems reading RITEKF1 media, as well as store bought retail movies. It normally takes me about 10-20minutes (or possibly about an hour or more) to finally get the burner to acknowledge that there is a disc (ritekf1) inside it. Once it finds it, it can burn it and then i’m into the same procedure again for the next disc.

So, I figured it was either the media or something up w/ the burner itself. What I did was, when I ordered in the Liteon I figured I should also buy a cake pack of Verbatim’s because they seem to be very highly rated on here.

Sure enough … the verbatims spin up, read, detect PERFECTLY in a drive that was once thought to be on its last legs. Detects up to 16x and spins up and acknowledged the disc was in there in a few seconds. The Benchmark test in Nero says the speed was 12.86x average and elapsed time was 4:57.

So it would be safe to say that my 4163 doesn’t like RitekF1 media, but it likes Verbatim. Which after buying a 100pack of “MIT” 16x Maxell’s (ritekf1) and not knowing they weren’t the same as individual packed 16x “MIJ” Maxells (MXLRG04), im stuck with them and I need to use them up. Which is why I have the Liteon now, to hopefully burn and detect the RitekF1 media better. But at least I now know that my 4163 is not quite dead, but it still doesnt explain why it wouldn’t read store bought media. Hmmmmm

Well, time to install the other drive now I guess and start using up the RitekF1’s :slight_smile: