GSA-4163B - When did A106 stop sucking?

When the GSA-4163B A106 firmware was first released, people tried it out and the overall result was that the scans from a disc created with A106 were poorer than the same data recorded to the same type of disc with A105.

Lately, all the GSA-4163B firmware posts seem to be recommending upgrading to A106.

What changed and when?

In my experience, the 16x discs I’ve tested with both A105 and A106 firmwares did much better at their rated speed with A106 (Plextor YUDEN000 T03, and MCC004 (MII and MIT)). Quality seemed about the same with my 8x media, for me at least.

So for me, A106 hasn’t sucked yet. Others’ opinions might differ, though :slight_smile:

It never sucked for me and I was one of the early ones to upgrade (once a link was posted for download anyway - auto update doesn’t work).

I noticed no burn quality difference for most media I used (mostly 8x, many kinds) but I did finally figure out what the cryptic “improvement in burn quality for 16x DVD-R media” line in the changelog for A106 meant.

I found out that TTH02 (TDK 16x DVD+R, CMC version) discs burned on A105 had trouble being read on certain DVD drives (and presumably players). Something was not right about the way the lead in was written for these discs and a few of my DVD drives could not even display the contents of these discs (some error message from Windows, I forget what exactly). The same discs burned on A106 did not display these problems at all and every drive played the discs back without problems.