GSA-4163B weird problem

I am having trouble with my LG GSA-4163B firmware A106
burner and some DVDs i burnt… sometimes some DVDs i made were read as blank while
most of the DVDs i make are fine… at first i thought that those were badly burnt and i
successfully recoverd the data with badcopy pro… recently i inserted a DVD that i previously had
this problem with and it worked ! but later that day i removed it, used some other DVDs but when i
switched back to that DVD, it was read as blank once again!
i eject the tray and insert it a couple of times and that DVD was read correctly once more… and so
on… sometimes they are read correctly ametimes read as blank…
i noticed when those are read as blank i hear no loud spin up sound but other times when those same
DVDs are read correctly… i hear the loud spin up sound and it works with no problems…
i dont know if those are indeed badly burnt or the drive itself have the problem…
any help to get those DVDs and that drive working without that glitch…

Try the discs in another drive. of the disc can be read in another drive then this one is dying, if the other drive cant read this dvd’s then you have a problem
with the disc and the only thing you can do is to copy the working ones into other dvd’s.

Clean up your system and remove upper&lower filters, also spyware and malware.