GSA-4163B region free?



Hi what’s up people, i got a question im from venezuela south america, i got my lg gsa-4163b drive since like a month and a half, i ripped my dvds region 1 perfectly but now the drive says that its region 2 :S, i dont understand why, btw i know theres some unofficial firmware that allow me to change the region of the drive, but i want to keep my drive with the official firmware so the warranty wont be affected, any suggestion?


The only suggestion is the unofficial firmware. The risk is really minimal if you are careful.


THX man i think i should use that


I use the autoreset firmware for the LG4163, but region free for my other drives. Just for variety, there is no rational reason for my choice!



Official firmwares for DVD-ROM/Burner drives are only allowed to provide 5 Region changes. It is mandated behaviour.

The patches change half a dozen bytes of the original firmware. The risk of using them is identical to the original. The primary risk with either is the flashing process itself.

If you are worried about your burner then buy a cheap DVD-ROM drive and patch that instead.

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If warranty is what you are worried about, simply flash the drive with the original firmware (available on LG’s service website) before you send it for servicing.


so i can use unnoficial firmware, and if i want i can put oficial firmware again without problems? sorry about my bad english


It is considered very bad form to send in a drive for service under warranty when you ruin it during flashing an unofficial firmware. That being said, it would be very unlikely that the firmware indicated above would be the cause of a failure.

And yes, if the drive is defective in some way and you are not responsible for the damage, then you can reflash back to the factory firmware and send it in.

Keep in mind, if the drive totally dies, you won’t be able to flash any firmware, but then neither will the repair center. In any case, most of us here consider the risk to be small and the reward to be high, so we flash. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO DISC IN THE DRIVE AND BE PATIENT AND DON’T INTERRUPT THE PROCESS. Also make sure you flash the correct drive. Those who are paranoid often disconnect anything but the drive they want to flash. We all make mistakes.


thx for all the answers :slight_smile:


I have just uploaded the firmware A105… first the RPC1 file, then I rebooted… I inserted a DVD and then the DVD player set itself to region 2. I then Inserted a region 1 DVD and I got the message asking if I want to change the region and that I only have two left chages" I figured that I then needed to upload the A105Auto.exe file… I did and rebooted again… I am still getting the screen of region changes… What should I do? or what did I do wrong?


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you need a program to make the software region free also, patching the drive is half the job, the second half is the dvd player software, use dvd region free, anydvd something like that


With AnyDVD you do not need a codefree firmware at all since it emulates whatever you want for hardware and software.