GSA-4163B problems reading select dvds

Hi, I’ve had this problem now with my LG GSA-4163B drive for some time. What happens is it will not read only certain commercial dvds. It will read everything else!

I’m using Windows XP Pro, AnyDVD ( on a Pentium 4 system, with 512MB RAM.

I’ve tried swapping IDE cables, booting into Safe Mode.

Please help!

Edit: I’m also using firmware A105

Clean the drive, check the PSU.

chef can you explain to him how to check the PSU, otherwise the advice is incomplete. :slight_smile:

I’ve already cleaned the drive with a dvd-rom cleaner disc several times. How do I check the PSU? You mean the power cables in the back of the drive? They’re in there. The drive would not work without them right?

I asked chef to elaborate as I’m not to clear what exactly he wishes you to check!
However a simple diagnosis can be done by taking your drive together with a problem DVD to another computer and see if you have the same problem.
If it works fine then we know there is a hardware/software problem on your machine.
If it works the same way then it is likely a faulty drive.


This is not a good idea. As the lens of CD/DVD writers are made of platics, such a cleaning disk might cause even more damage.

How do I check the PSU?
The only thing you could do, is to check if your PSU can deliver enough power to feed all your devices. There is a sticker on the PSU (or if you have a manual, then look there) where you can see, what amperage is delivered for the different voltages. As a rule of thumb you can calculate 2A@12V and 1A@5V for each drive (opticals and harddrive). Of course you have to add the power consumption of CPU and VGA card;)
But note, that cheap PSUs often are not capable to deliver the stated values for more than a few seconds…


Hi weedougie,

Yes, I haven’t been able to try this diagnosis yet unfortunately :’( I hope to try it soon.

@mciahel : why is that not a good idea? Those dvd-rom drive cleaning discs are designed for that job…


They might scratch the lens.

Those dvd-rom drive cleaning discs are designed for that job…
They are advertized to do that. Do you really believe, what people say or write in ads? :bigsmile:


@ mciahel : I have a ‘Scotch ™ Laser Lens Cleaner - For CD and DVD Players, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Drives’.

anymore help?
I’m beginning to think LGs are not so good from all the constant reports of issues.

When you say “commercial DVDs”, are these DVD movies? If so can these problematic ones be viewed if you use some DVD playing software such as Cyberlink PowerDVD?

Hi. Yes commercial DVD video (such as movies). The drive itself refuses to read, and after a couple minutes of the drive’s reading light flashing, it stops as if no disc is in the drive.
Over the past few days, some of the discs that I had this problem with suddenly started working like normal. But the problem is seemingly recurrent.

Do LG have a warranty or guarantee on their drives? My LG is about 1 year old.

LG’s warranty period is usually one year although it is two years in some countries. You won’t know for sure till you check with the place you bought the drive from. If you still have any time left in that warranty period, send it in for repairs because that does sound like a problem with the drive.

Out of curiousity, where was that drive made, China or Korea? I am guessing China.

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I’m having the same thing here, the drive reads DVDs and CDs and suddenly stops to read everything, sometime later it works again. I’ve already cleaned, changed cables, flashed many firmwares, tested in Linux, Windows, etc… THE PROBLEM IS THE S.U.C.KE.R COMPANY LGE.
GSA-4163B is a#$@@#$#$%$¨%¨ drive. I’ve seen so many problems with LGEs drives in too many foruns, that I’ll never buy one anymore.

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