Gsa-4163b problem: Spruce DVDVirtuoso recognizes DVD as CD!



Hi everyone,

I have been authoring DVDs reliably using Spruce DVDVirtuoso
and an old Pioneer DVR-A03 for a long time. Recently I added
an LG GSA-4163B to my system, and what I have found is that
if I try to burn to DVD-RW media in the 4163 from DVDVirtuoso,
I receive this error message:

Image too big to fit on CD-R!

and the disc ejects.

Burning to the same DVD-RW media in the old DVR-A03, which
is still installed, is no problem at all from DVDVirtuoso.

Can anyone provide a clue as to where I should be investigating
in order to correct this behavior, so that the 4163 recognizes
a DVD properly as a DVD, and not as a CD?

Any ideas, suggestions or help would be very much appreciated,
thank you!


Sorry, forgot to mention I upgraded firmware to A04…


You could try another piece of software to see if the LG is to blame, or Spruce. My LG never fails to recognize dvd’s as such.


Was the other drive maybe overburning the dvd and the LG is not?


Well, my gut feeling is that you are right, the 4163 is doing nothing wrong, but there’s probably something about its new-fangled, “multi-writer” firmware that is confusing the four-year old Spruce software. I was hoping someone might know of a way to work around the problem by getting ones hands dirty at the system level, setting a bit or something to force the aged Spruce software to correctly acknowledge a DVD-RW as a DVD-RW and not as a CD-R; this problem is causing the media to be rejected before the burn process even begins.

I still have a few more things to try:
o Write intermediate image to HDD and burn to 4163 using Nero
(first need to reformat as NTFS to allow writing the >4GB image)
o Try burning with DVD+RW, +R, -R and DVD-RAM in the 4163
(so far only tried DVD-RW)

The first option might not be so bad as it seems; while it’s not great having to create the intermediate image file, I would still save time burning at the significantly higher speed of the 4163 than “on the fly”
to the old DVR-A03, and I also understand it’s advisable to create a disc image when burning to DL media anyway to avoid creating coasters…

My gut feeling is that no matter what media I throw at it, however, any
DVD media will be reported as being CD-sized…but no way to be sure
until I’ve tried it.


Finally made time to reformat one of my drives as NTFS. This
allowed me to burn intermediate image of DVD to HDD (~4.2GB)
Simply by renaming the resulting .img suffix to .nrg, burned using
the bundled Nero Express 6; seems to work. So this is a much
faster method than using the old 1X DVR-A03, even though it
takes a few minutes to burn the image to HDD the 4X or better
write speed of the GSA-4163B reduces the total time required.

Don’t forget that if you want to use this drive to back up data,
the first thing you need to do is replace the buggy and dangerous
version of InCD bundled with the drive with a newer
version; is working well for me ( will lose files
and is a resource hog).