GSA-4163B problem... please help!

Ok I just bought a brand new GSA-4163B multi-DVD burner… and you know what? i can read and burn CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM… but when i put a DVD or DVD-R or DVD-RW… nothing happen! it’s like if there was nothing on it! I have the lastest driver (A103). i’m using 8x verbatim DVD-R… so if any one can help I would appreciate

Are you using Nero ?
When you first start Nero Express you’ll see ‘Which recorder would you like to use’
Here there will be a choice, one for the CD-R(W) part of the drive and the other the DVD-R(W).
Select the DVD part and you’ll be happily burning DVD’s
Nero keeps the two seperated as not to burn DVD to CD etc.

Latest fimware is A105, just in case you need it.

Hope this helps.

hum… no! I mean… when I put a DVD on my LG GSA-4163B… I cant use it… it tell me no DVD on F: bla bla bla… I cant use it whit dvd!!!

Try a different IDE channel/cable.
Set DMA settings in bios on “auto”.


Try the drive in another computer.