GSA 4163B Nothing but problems pls help

OK I’ve been trying now for weeks to figure out why the sound on this player with my bare bones system (ASUS P4G8x dulux mb + winxp pro sp2) sounds terrible. Have read other peoples issues from various newsgroups & just about exhausted ever avanue I can think of to try get the sound working properly. (The sound is broken or fragmented sometimes very frequently no matter what movie dvd is played) My IBM lab top plays the same dvd movies perfectly with synchronous video & sound.

  1. Changed ribbon to 80pin on secondary channel as master.
  2. Upgraded firmware of drv from 1.03A to 1.05A successful
  3. Tried many different dvd’s
  4. Checked audio drv’s of mb but not updated them using Avance AC97 Audio
  5. Installed ASPI 4.71 drv confirmed install ok
  6. Using DMA mode

Can any one else other me any further advise other then take the drv back and ask for another one. I 'm on the brink of doing that. I’m kind of dissappointed as after doing extensive homework on DVD writers this seemed to receive better reveiws than others hence the reason I chose LG.

Any suggestions are much appreciated



Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

What sound? The audio part played when you play a DVD-Video disk movie in GSA-4163B?

Are you playing the sound as analogue (via the audio connector on the back of the drive to the connection on the MB) or as digital?

How do CD’s sound? And how do MP3’s play from the hard drive? Try a CD with both the digital and analog input. Hopefully you have the analog cable connected. Right click on the sound icon in the tray (usually a little speaker) and chose between wave and cd input while playing a cd.

DVD audio is a software function, so if you have issues, it’s either due to software problems, or the drive is running in PIO mode. Suggest you try different DVD player software, after confirming the drive is in UDMA mode.

G thanks guys a great response here. Well first I beleive it is analog sound but not using the audio cable from DVD to connector on MB. I did have this connected at first but made no difference so I took it off as a means of trouble shooting. Sound is going through the MB and I have sterio 2 speaker attached to the jack built in to the mb. Thats it. Should this be digital?? I know I 'm using the audio drv installed from the ASUS provided MB CD.

I might anylze my IBM labtop for how it is using the audio and try duplicate on my desktop.

Great questions & thanks.

DVD audio is multiplexed into the video stream, so the player software is the culpret. If the drive is in PIO, the sound will also be affected because the CPU is over-loaded.

Guys I have confirmed the drive to be in UDMA mode. Also I am using Cyberlinks PowerDVD ver 6.0 software to play the dvd’s. (mostly movies) I use the same software on my IBM labtop and play the exact same dvd 's with no problems with sound or video.

I will see what happens when playing the same dvd’s with a different software player.


OK so others can learn from this heres what I did: without changing anything a placed a audio CD in the dvd drive to hear the sound reproduction. Sounded great. I then did what was suggested and play the same dvd using a different dvd software player.

The sound was greatly improved infact no obvious problems. With this sw playing I checked CPU utilization to be approx 80-90%. Played using original software (power dvd ver 6.0) again and sound problem returned where CPU utilization was more like 90-95%.

I also tried reduced the graphics screen resolution and played dvd again using power dvd software. Interestingly the sound improved but still heard some small amount of crackeling.

Funny that my IBM labtop using power dvd software plays same dvd with no problem however obviously the dvd drives between each system are different.

Thanks to all as I feel I’m getting closer to some form of resolution or confidence in the purchase of the drive. Your further comments are welcome.