GSA 4163B - Is it normal to have burn failures occasianally?

LG company has just given me a 4163B replacing my defected 4160B.

I bought 10 TDK DVD-Rs yesterday. 5 of them burned without problems.

3 times I recieved Read errors.

2 times Nero froze near the end of Verification. 1 of these was at 99% and 1 at 95%. I restarted in both cases and compared the data on the DVD with the originals on the HDD using “Beyond Compare 2”. The one that had stuck at %99 passed the comparison but the other did not.

So it makes 4 coasters out of 10 DVD-Rs. In all cases the burn was successful but received errors during Verification.

Do you think these failures are normal to happen from time to time? Or am I having the same nightmare again; the nightmare that costed me 20 dvds and a week of waiting for the 4163B to be given to me?

I use DMA option. I have the gsa4163b as the Secondary Master. I have the latest Nero and Firmwares.


Thanks in advance.

Well, I don’t know what is the problem, maybe bad discs but I doubt… I burn especially ridisc cheap media and never had a problem… Maybe LG is using a inapropriate strategy, don’t know… Try another burning software, then the unit in another PC if you have the possibility

With my 4120b, the only problem I’ve ever had is when I used cheap media.
Try another brand. Maybe you just got a bad batch of disks.

I think it is abnormal. I have burned 10 Verbatim discs (MCC003), 10 TDK +R discs (CMC E01), 10 Imation Discs (CMC AE1) and haven’t even encounter any failure. Was the drive burning fine in the first 5 discs and then fail for then next 5?? If that’s the case, then u should go and change to a new one.

TDK is nowadays known for very variable quality.

Could you please check this

I have screencaps of my nero preferences there. Please tell me if you see anything wrong.

Thanks in advance.

nothing wrong with nero preferences… I find both of my 4163b’s burn the lowest quality media with surprising results, maybe try a different media