GSA-4163B is actually a GSA-4081B?

Hi, I have the weirdest problem with my new GSA-4163B

A couple of days ago i bought a GSA-4163B from Futureshop (the equivalent of BestBuys in Canada). i plugged it in…and my mobo detects a GSA-4081B. WinXP says its a 4081B!. so i thought maybe it was the firmware…so i go download the flash utility for the 4163B. Load it up, and it cant detect the 4163B i just bought.

so then i decided to plug the 4163B into my brothers computer. again, it comes out as a 4081B!!

i emailed LG canada about it. There was no apology or no alarms or warning flags went up on their side.

This is what the customer rep wrote back to me:
If your windows is detecting a gsa-4081b, that means your drive is gsa-4081b, the best thing to do to confirm that is try the same drive in another PC. If it’s still showing up as a gsa-4081b, i would suggest you return the drive to the place where you purchased it and get another one. If you have any questions,please contact us at 1888 542 2623. Thanks

its like the guy didnt even care. i check the sticker on the actual unit and it all points to my having purchased a GSA-4163B. (feb 2005 production date, a A103 firmware, actual model number printed is GSA-4163B)

but 2 computers say i have a GSA-4081B. this is a little unnerving. did LG just decide to repackage old unsold units and try to trick the average user that doesnt know much about computers. or are they just trying to cover it up.

getting a replacement unit from FutureShop is a must. but what else can i do, to tell LG that they better get off their butt and take my claim seriously?


Try another drive from the Future Shop. Run, don’t walk. They are pretty good at exchanging if done right away. It sounds like you are the victum of a practical joke. Like when someone put the guts of a vic20 into a commodore 64 before he returned it. (probably before your time and you won’t get it)

Yes looks someone did a quick replacement of the label, probably thinking that the owner will never realise.
Does the drive look the same as 4163B ?(piccies can be found everywhere in this section), check the eject button etc.
Do the dimensions match ?(length of drive usually get shorter as they get newer)

Very sneaky, send the drive back for a replacement.

First of all, GSA-4081 has been out of production for nearly about two years and LG doesn’t have one for sale.

One of the BenQ DW1620’s I bought in this year seemed like someone exchanged the unit inside the original box with a used one. That someone must have been an employee working for the importer or reseller. I didn’t do anything about it because getting a new DW1620 instead of a used (and without warranty sticker) DW1620 didn’t look good enough to justify spending another US$3-5.

well, the label does not look like its been tampered with, everything still looks flush and smooth. so i dont know about that. I’ll check the dimensions when i get home tonite. and another thing, the unit looks new, not even scraches from the mounting screws. the plastic covering the bottom part of the writer is still unremoved! if it was one of those exchange the insides of the box for the older model…then it was done professionally.

but looks like ill be going back to futureshop…again…