GSA-4163B high pitched noise




I recently bought LG GSA-4163B dvd-burner, but there’s one major annoyance factor to it. The drive makes relatively high pitched sound while playing dvd-movies. I don’t refer to the noises that are related to inserting or ejecting, but the sound coming while playing the movie (disc spinning). I tried nearly 10 different original movie dvd’s, and it’s the same thing with every one of them. Curiously enough, I also tried Baldur’s Gate DVD-ROM, and the drive didn’t make any extra noise. Cd-rom’s play fine too. The annoying noise is most audible when a dvd-disc is spinning idly in the drive while rpm’s are low but the high pitched noise is particularly then clearly audible. In this way the drive is audible even several meters away. My computer is otherwise nearly quiet.

So, I wonder if this is a fault or a “feature” of this drive? Any suggestions or remedies to overcome this problem are welcome.