Gsa-4163b front panel?

I bought a 4163b from my local computer shop as an oem item. when i got it home i relised that it looks different to the pictures. it hasnt got the grey stripe down the bottom. Is that normal? Is it meant to have it?

it is normai in oem. Only 4163 in box have this :wink:

ok, thanks

I bought a retail kit last week in Germany and there is no grey stripe at the bottom as well.


I’ve got a bulk version (but with all retail goodies except the box. it could be oem). It doesn’t have any stripes.

Can you flash the OEM version with a retail firmware?

What difference would that make?

At least my drive likes all firmwares which I’ve tried this far but I don’t know whether it actually is an OEM model or just bulk version with all-white front panel.

I got an email from lg and they say only model GSA-4160B has the stripe. bummer.

Not so the retail version i have has the stripe, not that a sticker or transfer makes any difference.

It’s the burn quality that counts. :iagree: