Gsa-4163b Firmware

Hello I need some advice on my new GSA-4163B. When I updated the 1.04 firmware update the text file in the zip was corrupted so I downloaded it a couple more times with no luck. So I just went about updating my firmware but it crashed my system. Now the LG won’t burn anything. The only reason I can come up with is that my drive is in a USB/Firewire external enclosure.
More to the point, can I fix this? I thought maybe the 5163 model’s firmware might be compatible as it’s designed to be used externally?? I know some of their speeds are different…
Please help, ta.

i don’t think that the 5163’s firmware is compatible with the 4163…try to put the initial firmware…if is not working then try the 5163’s firmware…

Also try getting it here:

I would not recommend flashing an IDE drive in an external enclosure.
It might work but it might as well not (depending on chipset in external enclosure and update routine).


SaBoCD, I missed that part. You are right, the LG is very picky about how it is flashed. You need to follow the procedure exactly as outlined in the LG file.

5163 and 4163 are identical except for the case. Flashing the 5163 is no problem over firewire, but if you use a different case, it could be different. In that case, it is probably better to temporarily remove the drive from the external case and connect it to IDE as described in the LG document.

Of course, if you download a corrupt file, you should never use it to flash firmware. Chances are, if the text file is corrupt, the firmware is as well.

Whoa my situation is exactly the same like snoek just that i haven’t flash it yet. I’m using it as an external drive and still at a102. I just don’t understand why flashing it improperly will damage the drive permanently. Even for windows, we can reformat it should any problem arised.

Is there’s any significant reason or purpose that we should flash it? Or would it be better to just leave it as it is. I’m not sure if i should take that risk. One step taken, can’t go back.

Thanks but the 5163 firmware updater won’t recognise the drive. What I guess I need to know now is:
-Will removing it from the case and connecting it as master fix it, is this a big maybe? I know some drives can be fixed if you screw up their firmware but I thought it was just a couple of brands?
-And if I do get the firmware updater to work, is there any chance that the drive’s performance will still be damaged at all? And how can I work out if this has happened so I know whether to take it back on warranty.

Why would you want to use 4163B firmware on a 5163. The firmware is the same. Use the firmware that was mean’t for your drive or you will have problems that you cannot fix. First of all, the right way to flash L.G. firmware is open the tower and disconnect all other drives from the ide cable. Make sure it is the master, and flash it. Then reconnect the other ide cable and you will be fine. L.G. firmware is famous for recognizing the wrong drive on the cable and flashing that drive also, or instead of.

Go to TDB site. TDB knows how to flash 4163 with 5163 firmware and vice versa.

L.G. firmware is famous for recognizing the wrong drive on the cable and flashing that drive also, or instead of.

Which LG firmware does that? I usually have multiple ODDs online and I flash hundreds of times on them but never had such a famous problem.

Many of us have flashed our drives many times with no problems. You just need to follow the instructions faithfully.

If you flash the wrong drive; if you leave a disc in the drive; if you flash with corrupted files; if you have a power interruption during flashing, if you flash the right drive but with a firmware not made for it; these are the ways you can get into trouble. Optical drives do not “format”. When you flash you are writing a progam to a chip that was designed to be written to. It kind of needs to have a working drive that is recognized by some form of operationg system in order to flash it from a computer. If you goof up, it can be very difficult or impossible to get anything working again.

Unlike other things that you can just leave alone (video drivers and old software) when they are working, DVD burning is never perfect. So, new firmware can improve the quality of the burn (happens a lot with newer drives in the early months) or can add additional media codes for discs that were not in production when they were produced. In some cases firmware can add features. If you have scanned your burns with a particular media and they are as good as you want, you can leave the firmware alone as long as you don’t change media and the media you use doesn’t change. To give you an example of how essential firmware changes are among serious users, go look for the Panasonic forum.

Can’t find it can you. They never offer firmware updates.

Nobody knows if this will work, as we don’t know what has happened when you flashed the first time. If you get the firmware to flash properly (on an IDE connection), the drive should work normally. If it works, it works.
If not, try to look innocent when you return the drive under warranty. :slight_smile:

I flashed my drive with the 104 and it hung the system, had to restart the comp with reset, but all was fine, no probs at all, all system tools found it as 104.

I think you misunderstood what Xterminator was trying to say. He meant to remove the drive from the case, connect it as master and flash it with the firmware for 4163B.

I haven’t had a bad flash with the 4163B myself but from what I have read, quite a few people claim that the 4163B can recover from bad flashes quite well if you just reflash with the correct firmware. There isn’t much else you can do anyway, so it’s worth a try. :wink:

As for whether the drive’s performance will be affected, it’s hard to tell. I guess if it works as well as it did with the same discs you used before the bad flash, it should be ok.

Thanks, i understand more or less now but it seems that the process could become problematic if i flash it externally or did everyone who did so, did it succesfully too? I mean look at snoek, now he can’t burn anything anymore :eek:
How long does the flashing process takes? The patch is only 1.47MB but the way you guys speak about it, it seems like very long process. BTW i thought only lite-on and benq burners can do quality scans?

I might be a bit slow but does this means that serious users doesn’t bother about firmwares? :confused:

I thought he meant Panasonic/Matsushita doesn’t provide firmware updates often.

Probably the LG firmware flasher flashes only part of the drive information.
Therefore a bad flash does not lead to a drive which is not recognizable by the firmware flasher anymore.


It’s Hitachi that made LG firmware flasher (and HLDS is 51% owned by Hitachi), both command prompt and Windows versions, and it’s difficult to flash in a wrong way. Either succeeds or fails, but you can always try again in case of a failure since nothing is actually overwritten in the firmware. It’s just as difficult to flash back to the right firmware if you somehow flashed in the wrong way. (In that last case, buy another drive.)

I’ve never done it myself but I’ve come across quite a few posts of users who tried flashing a 4163B in an external unit with 4163B firmware. All of them got error messages and the flash process failed. Their drives were still ok though. Snoek tried using a corrupted copy of 4163 firmware and ended up with a messed up drive.

I don’t think the 4163B was ever meant to be flashed in an external unit. In short, don’t try. Take the drive out and connect it internally to a computer and flash it with that.

When connected internally, it only takes about a minute or two to flash the drive.

Kenshin got it right. Serious users don’t mess with Panasonic because they never update firmware.