GSA-4163B DVD-video at 8x

Hello all,
I have an LG GSA4163B DVD recorder with A105 firmware. I use Taio Yuden DVD-Rs (8x) media. The problem is that, when I write a Video DVD at 8x (using Nero no DVD player plays it properly (sometimes it plays, sometimes it hangs the player, it skips, etc.). I tried it on Sony and Philips DVD players. When writing at 4x it plays fine.

Is this a media problem or a recorder problem (or both?). Any workarounds? I am very newbie so please forgive my ignorance. Any help would be mostly appreciated.

Update Nero first.

Meaning I have to switch to Nero 7 or just the latest from 6.x.x.x branch will do?
Is this a known issue?

Just update to the latest version of 6.6. Have you tried DVD+R media with betsetting set to DVD ROM ? That is the most compatible for stand alone players.

No, is just better than v7.

Grow Up Dick Face

Hey, Weige no need to be harsh.
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When using Nero do you have the registry patch to show the actual burn speed?

I’m just wondering whether you have DMA fully enabled on both the burner & HD(s). If not enabled you could burn successfully at 4x but might have issues at 8x.

BTW Nero is fine & updating will probably not change the situation.