GSA 4163B does not read

Friends: I just bought an LG GSA-4163B DVD burner. The burner is correctly recognized by Windows XP in Device Manager, but it does not read any disk. I updated the firmware from A103 to A105 but still the same. Are there any tests I can run or any settings I can change to get it to work? Thanks for any help.

Bought it new? Last production of these must have been 15 months ago or so.

Is it just blank CD/DVD media or bought CDs & DVDs that it won’t read?

If you have cdspeed see if your burner is recognised and if it will burn. If not take it back if you can. I have a 4163, it’s old but still works very well.

Thanks for your replies guys. Both blank and original data CDs are not read. I bought it USED, not NEW, but it is in excellent condition. It keeps telling me “…please insert a disk into drive D:”. Also no small CD icon appears next to the mouse cursor when I insert the CD. Appreciate your help.

I’d suspect it’s dead quite honestly.

These days with the price of new ones so cheap there’s no reason to buy used.

This is a very good burner so the only reason to get shot of it would be if it was failing or failed.

My Friends: Thanks for your help. I ran a lens disk cleaner CD but that didn’t help. I took the drive apart, cleaned the lens and lubed the running rails of the lens assembly. No one was shocked as I was at the difference. Good as new now. Thanks again!!