GSA-4163B Burning prob



I just had my Lg burner GSA-4163B (16X Super Multispeed DVD/CD Rewriter) installed by a guy who works with computers. So i’ve tried copying some dvds. it goes through the motions with nero and when i try it out it doesn’t work. The dvd (maxell dvd+r’s) only plays through the same LG driver. doesnt work on my other pc or dvd player. some help please. and if its the software tell me and i’ll post this elsewhere.

thanks in advanced. :wink:


This issue is probably related to the booktype setting or disc type incompatibility :

  1. For booktype setting, what version of Nero are you using?

  2. For disc incompatibility, it may be that Maxell discs simply do not work well with the other PC and DVD player. In any case, most Maxell discs tend to made in Taiwan by a company called Ritek. Lots of complaints about the quality of discs from this Taiwanese manufacturer lately, especially to do with discs suddenly dying after a few months.


Those dying discs were 8x DVD-R (RITEK G05, dash media) and not the plus media.
Try some better media, such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.


Correct, but quality control problems were reported with Ritek media in general. I am also not sure if the 4163B likes Ritek 8x DVD+R.

Anyway, we don’t know for a fact if those are MIT Maxells, but best to be safe.


thanks peeps guess i gotta make a couple changes and i know where to go if i still have probs