GSA-4163B Burner w/ Nexstar External USB can't burn CDs



I have an LG GSA-4163B DVD Burner that has been placed in an External Vantec Nexstar 2 5.25" USB2.0/Firewire Enclosure

When I try to burn a CD with Nero, it gets to about 7% writing and then Nero hangs.

I have read somewhere that the 4163B requires 2.0 Amps @ 12V and the Nexstar 2 only provides 1.5 Amps @ 12V.

I tried to connect the Molex connector from my Neopower 480W and used the IDE controller of the Nexstar 2 for testing purposes, and the same thing happens. When I connect the drive directly to my motherboard there is no problem.

What is the problem? It seems so far that it’s something with the external enclosure, but would getting another DVD Burner such as a Pioneer 109 work?