GSA-4163B Burner in a USB Enclosure

Hello georgedone and welcome to the forum.

There are two possibilities I can think of to explain what is going on :

[li]Your system’s USB drivers are messed up (TheDiggler : this might help you as well)
[/li]- See here :
[li]The USB ports on your system are dying (less likely)
[/li][li]Your USB devices are all failing one by one (highly unlikely)

Thanks for the info karangguni.

Even though the enclosure was 6+ months old I bought it from a local retailer who was willing to exchange it for another, the same exact make and model. I did this and sure enough it worked. The failed enclosure was tested on multiple computers with the same “Cypress AT2LP RC42” driver issue, which to me told me it was not a problem with my system. Pretty confident this exchanged unit will do the same eventually. I doubt it will last longer then a year but it will hold me over for now.

Thanks again. Sorry for my late reply.

Hey, no problem. :slight_smile: Glad to know it was the case itself as that is a whole lot easier to deal with than the USB drivers.

Hi all !
Thank you for suggestions, karangguni, I got it solved for both of my enclosures !
I found a post on a local e-bay type site:
One of my countrymen basically says it could fix this problem. It cost me 10 euros to fix the HDD (Toshiba) The DVD enclosure (conceptronic) was for free, but it took 2 days to repair it. Meantime, I bought another one… Oh well, I guess I’ll keep that one as a spare.

Wonder what he actually did. Maybe he flashed the firmware or changed the chip inside.

Yeh, inquiring minds want to know what the tech did to fix that!

Hi karangguni,
For the Toshiba sent me some utilities with which I reprogrammed the box myself. It worked like a charm. I’ve tried them on the DVD enclosure but did not worked. Then I went there (about 60Km one-way) and he opened my DVD external enclosure. There was no sign of burning inside of so. Wrote down the names of the chips inside and gave me back my enclosure. After 2 days the guy sent me new utilities and this time it worked. Go figure…

It is actually just a firmware issue, happened to my dvd dl burner enclosure, all I had to do was install the cypress driver, and use a program, that repogrammed the IC. Then after that, power off the drive, by pulling the adapter out, waiting a few seconds. Plugging it back up, and all worked. Heres a link that will help you solve the problem if it happens again in the future.