GSA-4163B and bitsetting



As far as I know, one can not permanently set bitsetting to DVD-ROM for this drive. If this is correct, is there a limit on the times one can set bitsetting?


Hm… I have Nero and GSA-5163D A104 on this PC. Whenever I reboot, Nero records DVD+R disks with DVD-ROM booktype. Sometime last year, I had to set the booktype to DVD-ROM under CD Speed or something else but something must have changed now.

Even if it doesn’t support automatic booktype setting, there’s no limit to setting booktypes as far as I know.


Maybe Nero remembers your last choice and always records DVD+R disks with DVD-ROM booktype? I don’t use Neo, but I have used Dvdinfo to change bitsetting and still every time I reboot the change is lost.


Then there’s a special thing by Alexnoe. Search from Alexnoe’s posts here. :slight_smile: (LG bitsetting utility, that is.)


Nero doesn’t remember book type settings at all. It has several settings for book typing :

  1. Auto (this is the default)
    This means that every time you tell it to burn a disc, it will automatically book type to DVD-ROM for you first, then start the burn.

  2. According to media type
    This means it will set the book type to whatever your media type is and not try to change anything. i.e. if you put in a DVD-R disc, it book types to DVD-R etc.

  3. Forgot the third setting.


A bit more detail here : Alexnoe wrote a little command line program that can change the book type of certain brands of DVD writers. It works with the LG GSA-4163B (I have one and tested it on mine). What you can do with it is to run it from a batch file, then put the batch file in your windows startup folder. This way it will set the book type of your 4163B every time you start up your computer. Since the 4163B remembers a book type you set until your system is rebooted, it’s as good as permanently setting your book type.

This isn’t much use to you if you only use Nero, since it auto book types for you but if you use other software to burn DVDs (e.g. DVD decrypter), you normally have to set the book type to DVD-ROM before burning. If you are like me, you might sometimes forget to do so. With Alexnoe’s utility, you won’t have to set the book type anymore.