GSA-4163B (AN16) won't read DVD movies of any kind

Hi all

Doing a search through the forums did come up with others having problems reading DVDs with this drive. However it was for “unlicensed” movies. The DVDs I’m having trouble with are legit all the way. I can perfectly read CDs with data or music on them. I can write CDs with data og music on them. I can read DVDs with data on them (games for example) and I can write DVDs with data on them. I just can’t get it to read movies. I have tried with a handful now both region 1 and 2. I have tried updating the firmware from A103 to AN16 without result other than that my drive is now region free which I really can’t make any use of. All that happens when I insert a movie is a slow flashing of the disc indicator below the tray for some time and then nothing.

Any ideas?

Hi and Welcome!

as you are able to read data DVD, I suspect, there is some issue with your Windows or software configuration. Please tryVLC Media Player and see if that works. In addition: are you able to browse a video DVD using a file manager like Windows Explorer?


Actually I already have tried VLC with no result. If I have any kind of DVD playback software open when I load a disc into the tray the whole system hangs until I eject it.
And I can’t browse the disc. It is apparently completely unrecognisable to the system.