GSA-4163B, Alcohol120% + BookType



someone has already tryed the new feature for Bitsetting located in the new version of Alcohol 120% ( ??

The option try to change the BookType from a DVD+R/RW from a DVD-ROM, but for my LG 4163b it doesn’t work. The DVD disk still remain in DVD+R type :confused:

any suggestion?
This feature included in Alcohol 120% doesn’t work for LG drive?

Thx in advance :slight_smile:



Booktyping is not a software feature but needs to be implemented in hardware firmware.
LG GSA-4163B does not support booktyping for all kinds of DVD+ media.
It supports DVD-ROM for DVD+R and DVD+R DL media but not for DVD+RW so far.



but with the bitsetting utility of Nero (included into Nero CD-DVD Speed), all works fine (Verbatim MCC002), and with the same media Alcohol can’t bitset the disk correctly. Maybe it’s a limitation of the drive in relation to Alcohol 120% :sad:

However I’ll use only the Nero Utility :slight_smile:

thx mate :slight_smile:


hi there,

the latest padus discjuggler 4.50.1179 works with the lg to bitset +r to -rom.
it does it automaticaly


ty mate for the info :slight_smile: