GSA-4163B A107 firmware (genuine?)



Hello folks

I am always on the lookout for new firmware versions for my hardware and came across A107 for the 4163B on the Polish CDRinfo site.

As I am not versed in Polish, I wondered if one of our members our there in cdfreaks-land who is could help us. The link is…

Link to fake file removed

The downloaded file is smaller than the usual size and, in true ‘spot the difference’ spirit, I noticed that the file icon is very slightly dimmer than the one for A106 (pedantic, moi? :smiley: ).

:cop: I have scanned the file for viruses - none present you will be pleased to hear, but am loathed to try installing it until we know more.

Have fun mon braves!


it´s a fake…the tray of your first drive will get open and you will get a message in polish…i can´t read polish and i have no interest to learn it.


I wouldn’t touch it til one of the regulars on here said it was good.


engine_grinder, as per your request, moved to the LG forum. :wink:


Honestly i wouldn’t use it. The file size difference between this and previous lg firmwares is personally for me too big! 460 kb? :disagree:


i tried it, please read my comment above… i was the guinea pig :slight_smile:



Tha date had something to do with it all. :wink:


It is a fake. Do not start it. It might be safer to remove the link in the first post to the faked file.


Thanks 1.Master & ala42. Link removed.


it was joke file:) i am from poland:) link was from site just like this one:)The message was:
"We have you"LG doesnt release a107 bios and if will, there will be no LS support


I can’t read Polish, but from what I could make out, I think the original hoax claimed their version of A107 would add lightscribe capability to the drive. That sort of gave it all away.

Anybody with any sense would have known it was a hoax. :slight_smile:


but it was a very nice joke on 1 april:)



Many thanks for your replies, particularly loki7777 for the translation. Under the circumstances, I fully endorse C0deking removing the link from my original post just in case someone else tries to install the hoax file.

Very strange April fool joke I must say - is that Polish web site ever to be trusted after this?

Lastly, thanks to Master for being brave(?) enough to check out the file. I think it is a credit to the cdfreaks community that we have such a good mix of knowledgeable and intrepid individuals.

Best regards


i remember this from a few years ago.
it was advertised as a free cup holder for your computer, you run the app and the cd tray opens, and theres your cup holder.
ho ho