GSA-4163B (A106) - doesn't recognize new Verbatim DL as 4x?

I bought a new pack of Verbatim DL disks. These look new and are in the orange pack and are 8x (up to 10x):

I usually buy these but they were out of stock:

With these new discs, my drive only writes to them at 2.4x, not the 4x I could with the other discs. I upgraded the firmware to A106 hoping that would fix it, but no luck. Is there any fix to this or am I stuck with this slow batch?


Strange, I would say it´s the same media.

Maybe u can tweak a bit with ala´s MSCE

Just looked and the old one that burned at 4x has code MKM 001. The new one which only burns at 2.4x has code MKM 003.

I just read about MCSE and loaded up the A106 firmware. I see MKM 003 is listed with a 2.4x write speed. When I double-click it to change the strategy and select the MKM 001 strategy, I get a warning pop-up that if I continue, the MKM 001 media would no longer be supported! Why can’t I just use the same strategy for both media codes?

Due to the 4163 media table structure this would require a major patch to the firmware table scanner. This feature is implemented for the 4167/H10/H12 firmwares which have a patch friendly media table structure.
You can restore the original firmware anytime to get the usual MKM 001 support again.

Thanks for the reply. If I patch MKM 003 it so it uses the MKM 001 strategy, can I still read my old MKM 001 discs or is only write support lost?

You can still read them, only the write strategy table is modified.