GSA-4163b/A105 Wont read the dvd's it burns!

I’m sorry if this problem has been posted already but i did not see it anywhere.
I’m facing a very upseting issue …
I burn’t a dvd(omega-16x) on my LG(GSA-4163b/A102) with NERO the dvd burned just fine at 16x but when i put it in to check it did not see it,the led kept blinking for 1-2 min and then nothing.
So i tried all kind of diferent burning speeds 4c,8x,12x,16x the result was the same the dvd would burn just fine it would just not read it.
The next step was updating the firmware to A105 with no problem and switching to verbatim 16x blanks the problem persisted.
The best part and the one that almost gave me an aneurism is that i seted the nero not to pop-up the dvd after burn and when i open it all data are there!!Still if i reinsert it NOTHING!
I have come to the conclusion that it might be that this model is crapy coz sometimes it did’nt read some dvd-r writen by friends but this situation gives a new definition to incompatibility!

The device is set as primary master and it is all by itself on the chanel since my hard is s-ata,my mobo is a Asus K8N any help and ideas on this mater will be deeply apreciated.

Quando omni flunkus moritati.

Burn with verify and if the drive doesn’t READ the content after removing and re-inserting, then it’s an software / OS issue. ExploDer is known for such bugs.

Chef, certain earlier versions of Nero don’t eject the disc before doing a verify. I just noticed this a few days ago testing a drive on a system with the same version of Nero Soulslayer is using ( It is possible the same thing will happen to him. I’m not sure if this is a setting that can be changed.

I do know that ImgBurn will always eject the disc it burns before doing a verify. Soulslayer, maybe you could do a test burn using that? The URL to download ImgBurn is here :

It is free software, btw.

No,Nero does not eject before checking.
Though imgburn seems to burn only images and i was trying to burn a data dvd (sorry i didnt mention this before) ,i burned an image to a dvd ,it ejected and started verifying but that only after it was “becoming ready” for about two minutes.
I thought that maybe the same would hapen with the data ones writen with nero.It didnt :frowning:
Worth to notice that if i dont teject the dvd after burning even if i reboot the computer it is still seen after windows loads again and after i eject and reinsert it when i reboot the dvd keeps blinking like it is searching for a disk wich makes me believe that it might be a dvd-recorder or bios issue (what, i cant imagine though).
Also i would like to note that after it fails to “find” the dvd disk and the led stops blinking the drive description in explorer changes from DVD-RAM drive to CD drive.
This problem bufles me ,thanks for the sugestions all.

First of all, I see you’re using a no-name brand DVD media (Omega), which could be part of your problem. With no-name media it’s not surprising if you’ve had luck burning them before on another drive, it still may not work. Quality will vary GREATLY from batch to batch, and with cheap media, a lot of writers won’t write a good disc with it. Check what the MID (media ID) of the media is with DVDInfoPro. Also, I highly recommend trying a good brand of media like Verbatim before assuming the problem is with the drive. I also wouldn’t be surprised if other drives had a lot of problems reading these Omega discs as well. Almost all the users here will reiterate this about cheap media. I personally use nothing but Verbatim and geniune Taiyo Yuden. Never had a problem with my 4165b with these medias at all.

Ejecting or not, that’s depending on the software version AND the drive model(firmware).
The trouble that drives couldn’t reset the media information/internal content info without cycling (open+close) already appeared that time when Cd-burners were “top-notch”.

With DVDDecrypter you can normally choose if cycling should be executed or not before verify.

Also i would like to note that after it fails to “find” the dvd disk and the led stops blinking the drive description in explorer changes from DVD-RAM drive to CD drive.

That’s the well-known explorer bug.

Maybe i did not express my self corectly:I first incountered this problems with those noname dvd’s (Omega DVD+R 16x) but i would not go posting around if i had not ALSO tried a serius brand wich in my case WERE Verbatim 16x DVD+R…
To avoid any future confusion i will sumarize…
1)After burning if dvd not ejected ,the dvd IS “seen” by OS and all data on it are valid(even after reboot).
2)After ejecting and reinserting the dvd the disk is NOT “seen” by OS (even if i reboot)
3)Other DVD-ROM’s can see the disks i burned.
4)Noname and verbatim disk used(16x + ),also tried burning in diferent speeds(8x,12x,16x)

It seems to me that either threre is an incimpatibility or problem between the unit and the mobo(K8N asus) or that the dvd-ram somehow lock when it tries to identify this disks(i dont now if this is posible).

I’ve also tried shouting,beging and varius other low tech technics but with no result :slight_smile:

Apologies, I missed the part about the Verbatims in the first post. I notice you said it has trouble reading some DVD-R’s from friends, but I’d take into account the brand of those media as well. Does it read pressed DVDs? Also, have you tried removing the IDE channels in Device Manager and rebooting (they’ll get reinstalled upon reboot)? If that doesn’t solve it, I’d almost bet you have a defective drive, and go ahead and get it exchanged. I had a 4163b and now have a 4165b and have none of those problems you encounter.

I have noticed before that my LG 4163 sometimes cannot read it’s own burned dvd’s. First time this happened, I thought I had lost the content, but my BenQ had no problem reading the dvd. It appears that the LG is not a very good reader.

I don’t have this problem at all. I usually set whatever program I burn with to verify after a burn. In the case of ImgBurn, it ejects the disc before the verify process starts. I have never had a single disc burned on my 4163B which could not be read back by the same drive.

The only exception would be discs which burned but could not be read during verifying (coasters). But those same discs could not be read on my Benq 1640 either.

Various programs give issues which will result in recognizing problems regarding dvd media.
Such programs are CloneCD, CloneDVD and Alcohol, and their Virtual drives.

I’m beginning to think my 4163 has a problem. I just had another coaster using TYG02. I burned the next few discs from that spindle with my 5163 and saw no problem.
I suspected the media when this happened before, but it could have been my 4163 all along.
I wish these things were a little more evident. It doesn’t fail often, just every now and then, which makes the diagnosis harder.

Soulslayer what other CD\DVD software have you got installed (or did you install some other software just before the problem started). it sounds more like a software problem to me rather than hardware, try uninstalling other burning software, or checking windows operating system files are not corrupted by running SFC (system file checker sfc.exe) which is in the windows\system32 directory, I had simialer problems in the past and it was due to conflicting burning programs in one instance and corrupted windows operating system files in the other and gave me a major headache for days while trying to sort it out.

Basically if it can burn it it should be able to read it, to ultimately test if it is a hardware or software at fault put the burner into another computer (which I did at the time which told me it was software related) and see if it works, hope that helps you with your problem.

After all it seems that there was some freaky hardware issue ,lens something he said ,but anyway everything is solved now (thank God that i still had waranty) .
So i thank all of u for ur valant eforts.