GSA-4163B A105: Verbatim DVD-RW or DVD+RW?


do you guys recommend Verbatim DVD-RW or DVD+RW media for the LG 4163B (Firmware:A105) ?

Do you think that DVD-ROM booktype setting for DVD+RW will be possible with future firmware for this drive ?

Will be using the media in a Pioneer DV-380 DVD/DivX standalone player.

Thank you for your help !


Personally, I’d go with + media (either R or RW) with my 4163. It burns - nicely too, but just seems that little bit better with +.

No idea about the bitsetting thing, never needed it myself, with a very tolerant standalone! :slight_smile:

Of course, this is only my opinion…other 4163 owners could have different views and experiences :wink:

AFAIK, no LG writers will booktype DVD+RW discs and it does not look as if LG is going to bother with this feature in any way. Very few writers available now actually support this feature anyway (Pioneer’s own writers don’t, even with hacked firmware). I don’t think it is much of an issue anyway.

I’d probably go with +RW discs simply because they are a little easier to get hold of for me than -RW ones. You might want to use -RW discs if your DVD player will not accept +RW discs, but I doubt it since that is a fairly recent model.

A work around for this problem is to burn your +RW discs (also my first choice) on a drive that will bitset them. Thereafter, they stay bitset when burned on an LG or any other drive.

I’ve been using the Verbatim +RW like Arachne.

However I got some Ricoh 8X +RW recently & I’d thoroughly recommend these.

Booktyping RW media (+RW of course) to DVD-ROM is no good choice nor idea.
It may be the only chance with antique standalones, but is not recommended.

I am surprised to hear you say it is a bad idea. I have never yet encoutered a player that was not better off with ROM as opposed to +RW. Oh well, to each his own.

Just when you think you know what is going on…

I just found that this trick will not work on my LG 4166. While I am pretty sure this did work on my 4163 I can not be sure so you should test it out on any drive you plan to use, such as Pioneer.

From my own and others experiences, booktyping RW media will create much more trouble than it normally can prevent you from. :bigsmile:

I’ll give it a try for a while and see what I get. My 4166 looks like it will burn RW better than my NEC. I am truely amazed; this burner is turning out to burn anything I get with top quality. The only exeption is MCC 03RG20 and I really had trouble finding anything that would burn these well.

I am very happy using Verbatim -6x -RW with my LG4163B. I use them every day and only had one problem with a physical defect. The extra speed is nice. I also have some Ricoh 8x +RW which tend to show more reading problems (a full format seems to help).

As to bitsetting: my new Samsung standalone only plays +RW if NOT bitset to ROM, unlike my Philips standalone, which doesn’t care either way. I had to reset all my old +RW discs using my BenQ.

My GSA-4163 wouldn’t even recognize a DVD+RW disc that had been bitset to DVD-ROM by an NEC drive. The only way to fix it was to use the NEC drive to change the booktype back to DVD+RW.

Thank you very much guys :smiley:

Could it be, that the coloured DVD+RWs are manufactured by Taiyo Yuden ?

Dream on. TY doesn’t make RW media. We can always hope though.

Damn :wink:

But it was a nice dream, hehe :stuck_out_tongue: