GSA-4163B A104 problem



Hi, I have a problem.
My drive works fine with Explorer or Total Commander, but when I try to burn something with Nero, my computer reboots. Microsoft error reporting site says that it’s problem with my device driver, but I can only find firmware for LG GSA-4163B, not device drivers.

Pri Master: 20 GB HD [C: FAT32 / E: FAT32]
Pri Slave: 80 GB HD [D: NTFS]
Sec Master: LG GSA-4163B (A104)
Sec Slave: Liteon CD-ROM LTN526D
C: Windows 98 / programs
D: data / music / programs
E: Windows XP Pro SP2 / programs
RAM 240 MB
InCD: latest


Optical drves need to use MS drivers and some motherboards use other drives such as Nvidia. Post your MB and look at the drivers and someone with experience can tell you if this is possibly the problem.


I think, I have VIA motherboard. I don’t know the exact data, but I will post them today.
Addition: This only occurs in WinXP, Windows 98 works normally.