GSA-4163B/5163D pictures and technical information

39 pictures from LP3500 (Will be replaced with real camera pictures later.)

For GSA-4163B/GSA-5163D:

Hitachi chipset, Renesas R8J32006FPV 001 0441 BK00275
Prolific chipset, PL-3507 LF04314C and Agere L-FW8028 63640433 044ST

For GSA-4120B/GSA-5120D/GSA-4160B/GSA-5160D, From

chipset: Renesas R8J32005FP, 4F453LY HD153722TF, 2MXE042605 29LV160BBTC-70G 2K161200, tiÅ¡ťÃ¡k: A300-06 0819 6P

Najděte tři rozdíly! Ano, ty desky se opravdu liší, jenže já nevím, jak moc to má vliv na případnou změnu firmwarem z 4120 na 4160. Ta nejviditelnější je v označení tiÅ¡ťÃ¡ku, dva další pak hledejte nad naším logem (obrázek dole). Jsou to dva malé záhadné chipy, u kterých nevím, k čemu slouží. Asi vám doÅ¡lo, že GSA-4160B je dole. Odpověď na otázku zda přeflashovat 4120 na 4160 je stále ve vzduchu, asi bych jí nedoporučil.

Add and correct please. :slight_smile: Post information about other Hitachi-LG DVD writers as well.

Chipset R8J32006FPV and R8J32005FP TDK produces… probably.
You can make the more exact picture of chipset?

I explained that in the post. :slight_smile: And also above.

(Will be replaced with real camera pictures later.)

By the way, Renesas is a new semiconductor company between Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

At the forefront of ubiquitous networking
Ubiquitous networking connects all the electronic products found in our daily life, making it possible for us to access the information we want anywhere, anytime. To implement the critical networking capability, these products need microcomputers and memory chips. That require-ment puts Renesas Technology Corp., a leading semiconductor manufacturer, at the forefront of today’s ubiquitous networking age. Our corporate strategy specifies a clear focus on three main markets for our devices: mobile technologies, automobiles, and PC/audio visual equipment. Jointly founded by Hitachii and Mitsubishi Electric in 2003, Renesas brings together the experience and resources of two companies well-respected for their accomplishments in the semiconductor field. From the outset, we have built on this foundation. Many of our products are now recognized as market leaders, drawing strong interest from within the industry and gaining the confidence of our customers around the world. While continuing to develop our global network, our goal is to become the world’s leading intelligent solution provider, contributing to our customers’ bottom lines and making life easier and better for tomorrow’s consumers.

We are the world’s third-largest semiconductor manufacturer and rank number one in Japan. Our superior products aren’t visible to most consumers, yet they play a dominant role in expanding the possibilities and enhancing the performance of many electronic devices and systems.

Quoted from Renesas homepage.

Hitachi-LG must design and produce the chips. LG once had its own semiconductor business but it was sold to Hyundai which later created Hynix. Either Hynix or Renesas is No. 3 in the worldwide semiconductor market now, after Samsung and Micron.

Why TDK?

Maybe I should have included Intel and other semiconductor companies as well, not just those leading PC DRAM makers. Including all semiconductor sales, Intel’s been No. 1 for some years, with Samsung a distant No. 2.

1 1 Intel $30,050 mln $27,030 mln 11%
2 2 Samsung $15,930 mln $10,400 mln 53%
3 3 TI $10,885 mln $8,250 mln 32%
4 4 Renesas $9,475 mln $7,970 mln 19%
5 7 Infineon $9,365 mln $6,925 mln 35%
6 5 Toshiba $9,030 mln $7,355 mln 23%
7 6 STMicro $8,715 mln $7,170 mln 22%
8 8 TSMC $7,665 mln $5,855 mln 31%
9 9 NEC $6,660 mln $5,605 mln 19%
10 10 Freescale $5,650 mln $4,630 mln 22%

Renesas = Hitachi + Mitsubishi
Elpida (DRAM) = Hitachi + NEC
Hynix (DRAM) = Hyundai + LG
HLDS (ODD) = Hitachi + LG
S.LCD (LCD) = Samsung + Sony
TSST (ODD) = Samsung + Toshiba
Philips-LCD (LCD) = Philips + LG
PBDS (ODD) = Philips + BenQ
Sony-LiteOn (ODD) = Sony + Lite-On IT

To add to Kenshins List
NMV (LCD & CRT) = NEC + Mitsubishi
JLMS (ODD) = JVC + Liteon

NEC + Mitsubishi in display sounds very interesteing. Both were very good making monitors. Too expensive in South Korea. Even the Samsung-branded Mitsubishi-tube monitors were priced at over US$2K. :sad: (Other brands like Dell and Sun were much cheaper.)

  • Mr. Gong was at my home a while ago with his wife and son. My daughter cried loudly at the sight of the first baby (born in 2001 though) to her eyes whom she might have regarded as the first and only serious competitor. :sad: Naturally, I was embarrassed because they have to ride about 50km more to visit my home. He came here to give his Fuji 6900 camera to me, for about US$260 including many accessories, since he now has Nikon D70.

** Took some pictures with Fuji 6900Z.

Pic 1. You should know who it is.

Pic 2.

Pic 3. Fuij 6900Z package vs. LG LP3500

Pic 4. GSA-5163D Prolific PL-3507-based PCB

Pic 5. Renesas chip R8J32006FPV

Pic 6. More chips near the Renesas R8J32006FPV

Pic 7. PCB and CD

Why TDK?

I was suggested number: R8J32005FP - TDK produces with the same number chipset.

Renesas = Hitachi + Mitsubishi

Thanks for explanation.

Kenshin, by the wording for this picture, is it safe to assume the GSA-5163D (ext. version) has the Prolific PL-3507 chipset already included with the DVD-RW? I"m not sure if I’m reading this correctly or not. :confused:

That’s correct. Someone before said GSA-5120D/5160D also has Prolific chipset.

Nice, I just got the BenQ DW-1620, but when the GSA-5163D become widely available, I’ll probably pick up one of those as well.

NMV (NEC + MITSUBISHI) is already 4 years old. They still use hteir respective brandnames but design and components are the same…

Can anybody post pictures of GSA-5120D and GSA-5160D? Taken apart, of course. :slight_smile:

One thing I don’t get is that they sell the same monitor under two different names (FP2141SB and DP2070SB) at two different price points.

Well i also do not understand this.
But maybe it has to do with Brand image…