GSA-4163 available now in UK

newbie alert…

Hi everyone, just thought i would let you know that are selling the 4163 (bare drive) at £51.00 including vat. Ordered one on friday and am now eagerly awaiting delivery. (51 in stock friday - only 7 left!)

Its been ages since i have posted here, simply because i had forgot i was a member. I have been following the posts about the new LG drive and decided to wait instead of getting the 4160. This will be my first DVD writer, but all my CD writers have been LG by choice. The GCE 8400 being the pick of the bunch. It served all my needs and dealt with anything i threw at it including copy protections. (i read somewhere on this forum that LG writers could not handle copy protections - nonsense. And i have the SD 2/3 backups to prove it!) I am not a prolific burner, nor i am bothered about blistering speed, i just want good burns that will last. Reading some of the posts has taught me how to check the CD qualty with CD Speed. My TY discs burned in the 8400 return a quality score of 100. This was one of the reasons i bought another LG. i am not interested in burning discs faster than they are rated, nor i am interested in using crappy media, i just want good quality burns.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, hello to everyone and i hope you will go easy on me when i need DVD burning help. :slight_smile:

Should I say welcome back? It’s been 27 months since you posted last time. :bigsmile:

Hi Kenshin.

Yes, its been a while. I could not even remember posting here ever. It was only when i tried to register that i was told my e-mail address was in use. Just shows how many problems i had with the 8400 :bigsmile:

Also at - slightly more expensive it seems.

I noticed that ebuyer are also selling the bare (OEM) drive, although they don’t seem to have any stock at the moment…

I admit they weren’t the most helpful of people when I asked if they would be stocking the retail version of this particular drive, but after sending a rather stern response they came back and said they would let me know if and when they will stock it. :slight_smile:

I’m I right in assuming that a retail version of this drive will be made available here in the UK? I’m not really fussed about getting the cables and screws etc. I was just interested in the type of bundled software and if any media would be included with the drive. Also the difference in cost might also be a consideration.

I was going to buy a LG 4163 (OEM) last week, but decided to wait & see if the Retail version includes a 5x DVD-RAM disc.

Anybody know what media, if any, will be included?

To save cost, LG also started shipping drives without bundle media. There might be no media included.

For anyone who’s interested I’ve found some product shots for both the black and grey models, including pictures of them in their retail boxes. :slight_smile:

Check them out here…[ProductCode]+op[contains]&junc=or&prop=field[ProductType]+op[contains]&junc=or&prop=field[ProductStatus]+op[contains]&sorting=field[ProductCode]&sortDirection=Ascending&qval=GSA4163B&B_F_TN.x=6&B_F_TN.y=9

Seems strange that they still don’t list it as one of their available products yet, excluding the images I found and the super-multi flash animation of course. Unless this is to ensure they sell as many older drives as possibile first, but who can tell!

Anyway see what you think.


UPDATE: For anyone who’s interested in purchasing this drive, Dabs now have 95 drives on order, ebuyer have 1000 (yes, 1000!) in stock, scan also report to have stock although it doesn’t show how much stock they currently have.

Sen has posted a link to the HardwareZone review of this drive (thanks Sen) if anyone missed it, you can view the article here:


Great. I can see HWZ review was posted yesterday. :frowning: (I did miss it yesterday.) :sad:

Hi All

Received my LG 4163 today from Dabs and I can say I’m both impressed and dissappointed. Here’s why:

1st Burn = CMC MAG AE1 @8X = Coaster (failed to complete scan)
2nd Burn = CMC MAG AE1 @8X = Coaster (failed to complete scan)
3rd Burn = TY G02 @8X = Very good quality (stopped scan to do other stuff)

I have 350 CMC 8X discs left and only 40 TY :sad:

oh the agony!

My 4163b turned up at work today… Only problem is, i am not at work today due some other commitments (Christmas dinner at the golf club).
Its a hard life. :bigsmile:

As i have bought the bare drive only, i will post any relavent external details as soon as i get to work tomorrow, including colour, manf date etc. I also bought some boxed branded Verbatim 8X DVD+r `s to practice with. I thought they would be the safest choice.

If any different from the norm, i will post some pics with my brand new digicam. (canon A85)

This is turning into a GOOD week :iagree:

@ Taroth

Where are you getting your TY`s from in the UK? (DVD)



Not cheap but they are genuine and very good quality.


Thanks Taroth. I will give them a try. Quality is what i`m after.

Hm. I missed this post before. Can you do some more tests to see if other media are burned with what result for “consistent” comparison. Every drive might behave a bit differently. (That’s extremely true with Plextor PX-716A and PX-712A btw.)

CMC MAG AE1 is a very, very popular and widely used 8x DVD-R type of media, also easily and cheaply found in South Korea, not to mention the US, China, Europe, Japan, etc. Though it’s also true there are some very poor-quality CMC MAG AE1 distributed somewhere. (Which is why one of South Korean media importers/resellers) have sold them at the lowest possible prices recently.)

RICOHJPNR02 should work beautifully by comparison. Whether Ricoh brand, Philips brand, Fuji brand, Memorex brand, LiteOn brand, RICOHJPNR01/R02 media work greatly because of wide availabiliity (for testing) and consistent quality.

If media quality varies a lot as with RITEKG05 and CMCMAGAE1, the drive manufacturers have bad lucks. Because after they wrote some write strategies in their firmware, some resellers and manufacturers might distribute media of much worse quality with the same media ID. It has happened very often.

Maybe you can do “Transfer Rate” tests of the CMCMAGAE1 disks on the GSA-4163B itself. I also did some TR tests especially on some problematic media like Princo 4x DVD-R and Gigastorage GSC001 media. (There are a lot of different Princo 4x DVD-R and Gigastorage GSC001 media, a very well-known problem since 2002 for GSC and Princo.)

Hi Kenshin

Sorry very busy at the moment but I wrote one of the CMC MAG AE1 discs in my PX-712A and while the results are not amazing (and I couldn’t finish the scan because of more pressing things) they are far superior to the LG and my Plex is very fussy.

Would somebody else please test some CMC MAG AE1(Verbatim 8X DVD-R) in their LG 4163 please?

I should get some soon.

Mine has arrived O.k.

Standard drive, Beige, (no dark strip at bottom) A100 firmware, Manf November 2004.

The discs i ordered are Verbatim DVD+R 8x, Photo printable, Advanced AZO.
Inspection reveals they are made in taiwan. ser: ZC8365-DVR-X47B

I have no access to DVD-RW drive at work to check the discs. Anyone know if these will be ok for data backups?


Just started another pack of Verbatim 8X DVD-R from a different supplier and these turned out to be MCC02RG20. Wow, what a difference!!!

Does anyone know how to tell what discs the Verbatim 8X DVD-R will be without opening the pack? I’m sure both packs had the same part number of 43475.