Gsa-4160b Vs Gsa-4163b

Can you guys tell me the difference between these too, which one is better?


Is it the GSA-4163B??

That is what I am coming up with???

Thank you I am going to buy a LG burner, I just want to make sure I am getting the best one!

Thank you!!

Go for 4163. So simple as that.

So the GSA-4163B is the newest and best??

LG seems to have many models I just wanted to know, why and what the difference was between them??
Basically between these two??

The specs on them seem to be preety much the same???

Thank you for your reply, I was leaning this way (because higer model number, and looks to be LG’s top gun??), but I just dont know why, because if the specs are the same then whats the difference??

Read the threads about 5163D and 4163B first please.

GSA 4163B =

GSA 4160B =

Model nothing?!?

The 5163D is external?? I just was looking at the internal ones…
So the GSA-4163B is the newest and BEST Internal drive from LG!

Can I just get a comfirmation??

Thank you, I did do research, but I have just been doing so much lately on all sorts of stuff (Chirstmas time you know), I am just kind of getting worn out…


Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, the GSA-4163B is the newest internal LG drive. From what I’ve seen by those who have posted here, it is definitely the drive to get. But you really should read the threads to back up getting it based on someone else’s word.