GSA-4160B problems

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but I recently bought an LG GSA-4160B Burner that is a refurb. I have he drive set up as master and it reads a DVD and CD just fine. I Inserted a blank IMation DVD+R and tried to burn using Nero 7 the burn went fine untill time to finalize the disk then I get a PMA Update Failure. I tried a different brand JVC DVD+R and then the same thing happens. Next was an IMation DVD+RW and everything went great and the DVD played in my DVD player but to my suprise I placed the RW disk back in the 4160b and it couldn’t read the disk. I next tried to burn on a Sony DVD-R and the drive would not recognize the disk at all. I did a firmware update to the newest version and still the same problems. I then went to burn a music CD to see if it might just be my version of Nero and it finalized just fine. Then I tried a different burning program called DVD Power Burner and yet no disk but a DVD+RW can be read in my DVD player. Also on top of that any disk that has been burned from other burners this drive will not read or recognize. Then I tried to go back to the olded firmware version on the LG website and still all problems are there. I called LG to ask them and they never heard of the PMA Update Failure and will not give me any support on this drive since it is a refurb. I really don’t wanna be out of the money spent on this drive and I would hope that I got more than a drive that can only read DVD movies and burn CD’s. The seller of this drive will not provide a refund just a drive upgrade for a fee that I don’t wanna pay and it is looking like I am stuck with this drive. If there is anyone here that can help please do so and thank you in advance.

Also I did get 3 disk to finalize and work in my DVD player out of like 60 disks 1 from the IMation and 2 of the JVC; using the DVD Power Burner which does not give the PMA update failure.

Update Nero 7, it’s buggy anyway.

I have the newest version of nero. Besides I have now used 4 different programs to try and burn a DVD with no sucess on any of them but nero is the only one that gives an error message. I did a google search for the PMA update failure message and found nothing helpful because some people said it was a hardware issue, some say a driver issue, and some say a media issue so I guess nobody really knows what it’s from but I am not the only one with that error from nero. I really don’t wanna have to buy another drive to replace this one since I just got it, but my options are running low. I have changed media types checked drivers and I am starting to think that it is my hardware. I will check and see if this happens on another computer if I can find someone who will let me install it in there PC. If you have any other sugestions please let me know because maybe I am missing something. I thought that it was a laser problem in the drive but it can still read DVD movies and write on a +RW disk. it will detect a +R disk but it will not even detect a -R disk at all and cannot read any media that has data already writen to it. It can’t even read or format an RW disk after it wrote data to the disk. But hey if I burn a movie to an RW disk my DVD player will read it but I don’t want to burn all my movies to RW disks. Besides I think the problem is in the finalizing process since RW disks don’t get finalized. Come to think of it I guess it could be a hardware problem since it doesn’t detect -R media and since it doesn’t read media that already has data on it other than a DVD movie.

The newest version you are using is ???


quick question I am thinking of just going with another drive how good is the philips dvd8631? I can get a new one for like $30.