Gsa-4160b problem

my problem is so interesting…

i can write dvd’s at 4x at 14 min. nearly ( 6x700 mb movies ) but when i try to write at 8x it takes nearly 20 minutes or more.i have tried lots of dvd’s but the problem is always the same. my friend have a lg 8x dvd burner ( i dont remember his model ) and he can burn the same discs at 8x but i cant.

and one more problem is for nearly 1 week is ; i burn dvd’s and check’in for errors with CDCheck software and the programs gives error for dvd’s but when i check dvd with my laptop it doesnt gives any error…

the last problem is with cd’s my writer detects the maximum speed for cd’s 12x or 16x not detects the maximum speed for cd’s.

firmware : A306
software : tried nearly all versions of nero and other programs but i am using nero now…

:bow: thanks everyone for the answers and sorry for my bad english :o :bigsmile:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

For the first problem, check your DMA settings. You want your writer to be using UDMA not PIO mode. Instrucitions are here :

The second problem may be caused by running certain region protection software programs in the background. These programs work by changing the data read from the writer on the fly so as to remove region protection. Unfortunately, when you are using something like CDCheck, changing the data read from the writer means that it will not match the checksum data it is being compared again. Disable such region protection software during burning and comparing of data using CDCheck.

I am not 100% sure about the third problem. The DMA settings for the first problem might cure it but it may also be down to the type of CD-Rs you are using. It is possible that the writer does not support these at the highest burning speed the writer can manage for CD-Rs (40x).

You might also want to update Nero to the latest version for 6.x.x. which is Don’t bother upgrading to Nero 7 - it requires a new license and is somewhat buggy besides. See here :

tnx for the answer karangguni ;

my writer’s and also hdd’s are in UDMA mode i am sure of them…

i didnt understand what u mean about region problem. i dont have any program to change region settings.

and my CD-R’s are support 40x by other old lg products but not mines very ineresting problems i have :slight_smile:

Right then, two other questions :

  1. How are your writer connected? Is it sharing an IDE cable with one of your HDD, or is it on an IDE cable alone?

  2. Run Nero CD Speed and do a burst rate rate test. You need to put a dvd which you have already written (non-blank) into the drive before you can run this test. What does it report?

Do you have something like anydvd installed?

time to defrag!!

1- primary master : first hdd
slave : cd writer
secondary master : dvd writer
slave : second hdd

2- it gives an error " LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION CRC ERROR (ULTRA-DMA/32) (040803) "

only powerdvd is installed in my computer and i will defrag my pc now its its been a very long time to defrag

Replace the ide cable with an 80 wire one.

First up, don’t put the DVD writer on the same cable as a HD. It will end up competing with the HD for the use of the cable to transfer data - and the HD will always win. This could be the cause of your slow burns.

Instead, put the two HDs together on the primary and the 4160B and the CD writer on the secondary.

I second chef’s suggestion here - change the IDE cable and possibly try an 80 wire cable if you are not already using one. You should not be getting that kind of error.

Good idea as well.

i tried everything i think there is a problem with my writer it takes 1,5 years that i have buy it… i will bring it to the service or i will buy new one but first i will try it on aan another machine :rolleyes:

I had the same problem, I got these errors:
Error L-EC Uncorrecteble error (031105)
Error logical unit communications CRC ultra-dma/32 (040803)

I have tried evry thing from upgrading drivers, switching from primary to secendary, from master to slave, but nothing worker