GSA-4160B & GSA-4163B Wont burn at anything higher than 2.8X

Hello All,

I had a GSA-4160B in an external case connected via USB to my laptop for almost a year and i was burning images using dvd decrypter. The media I am using is Fujifilm 8X. Up until a month back it would burn at 8X with no hitch.

Then the burner started to only burn at 2.8X max and would go upto 4X if I changed the speed manually in DVD decrypter. I upgraded the firmware but it didnt help either

I just got my replacement drive from LG and its a GSA-4163B. Havent upgraded the FW yet

Problem is its doing exactly the same thing.

Ive tried 2 different cases, 2 different laptops, and even Memorrex 16X media only burns at 2.8X max as well

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?


Maybe just a driver conflict.

Have you recently installed or updated burning software?

actually on my other laptop, there is nothing but dvd decrypter installed as I had a HDD failure and had that replaced. It does the same thing. It has XP Service pack 1 on it and my main laptop came with XP SP2.

Also the funny thing is, when I install the drive in my brothers PC (i.e internally) it works just fine and can burn upto 16X

LG doesnt want to help me as they say I havent installed the drive according to their specs, i.e in an external casing :frowning:

Could be really the case/it’s chipset or the connection type.

yes but how can it be both cases from diff manufacturers and it was working just fine before?

The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the USB drivers on your system. If you can, try using the drive in one or both of your casings connected to your brother’s system. If that works properly, then it should be a USB driver problem on your system. If it still doesn’t work, then both casings are probably faulty.

only USB 2.0 can burn over 2.8X
go to bios and check usb controller (1.1+2.0)