GSA-4160b causes reboot

Hey all,

I have owned the gsa4160b (FW A301) burner for 8 months with no issue, but now whenever I insert a disc windows xp reboots with no warning.
Both BIOS and Windows XP recognise the drive.
I have reinstalled both mobo and dvd drivers to no avail. But have not flashed firmware or BIOS.
I ran Knoppix live cd off my other cdrom and Knoppix recognised the gsa4160b but could not access it. When I attempted to run knoppix off the gsa4160b, my computer rebooted as like windows xp.
It is currently a secondary slave on the ga7vrx mobo (kt333 chipset).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

My specs:
AMD 1700xp, ga7vrx mobo, 512mb
Windows XP SP2
2 hdd, Samsung SM348b & GSA-4160b