GSA-4160B - A303 Firmware Released

New Firmware (A303) for the GSA-4160B DVD Writer has appeared on the LG Australia Website (

I’ve not yet installed this firmware, but according to the instructions, it provides:

  • Additional DVD±R 8X codes:
    DVD+R 8X: Beall, Daxon, Intermedia, Infodisc, MBI, MJC, NANYA, OPTODISC, SKC
    DVD-R 8X: Vangurad, RITEK, OPTODISC, MUST, AMC, Infodisc, DAXON
  • Improvement of DVD±RW rewriting ability

Not sure why but the instruction also says that it is meant for drives with original firmware versions BELOW A302.

I have A302 installed, but will try anyway

Will let you all know if it falls over


here is the link from .au website. Thanks for the tip.

no bitsetting news, i guess, right guys? :frowning:

exactly!!! how did you know? :bigsmile:

HaHaHa, you chaps don’t give up hope too easily?

Maybe LG “forgot” to add bookie again, ehh? I wonder why. Stupid company. :slight_smile:

Firmware A302 - dated Oct. 12, 2004
Firmware A303 - dated Oct. 25, 2004

So all new Mediacodes from Oct. 2004 - Jan. 2005
are not yet updated! :Z

This is actuallty a good thing.

It means that they will probably release a new firmware soon and it MAY have bittsetting.

How can I tell what version of firmware is installed on GSA-4160B which I bought a few weeks ago?

Flashed my 2 4160’s last night without any problems.

They were both at 302, and both were purchased with 301 shipped.

I’ve never experienced any media incompatibilities or problems of any kind with these units. All +R media that I have been able to buy and use to date have no problems working in old players that don’t mention ability to play DVD+R media.

Even though I have not had any problems, it still would be fine by me if LG eventually added a bit set option some time in the near future.

Click “Start”, “Execute” -> enter “sysdm.cpl”
Go to the “Hardware” tab, click “Device Manager”
Double-click the DVD-Writer in “DVD/CD-ROM drives” (or the like)
A windows will open “Properties of …”
Select “Details”
In the device name, you will see sth like “IDE\CDROMBenQ…_Axyz”
The Axyz is your firmware revision.

Or get WININQUIRY from Samsung (works for other drives as well):

Select drive and it shows you the fw version.
Only useful thing from samsung besides their hdds atm IMHO :wink:

LG didn’t forget it. Just their internal policy that isn’t very well understood by some of us, but isn’t it at least better than NEC and Pioneer that do not provide DVD+R bitsetting at all?

4120B@4160B A302 -> A303, impossible for me as it was with other firmware, but then it was expected. I’d like to test 4120B A115 and 4160B A303 but since both models and the firmware updates for them are more oudated than those for 4163/5163, I’d better forget the past things. LG and Samsung started selling 32-inch very flat CRT HDTV sets from this week, cheaper than similarly-sized LCD HDTV sets, but only 38-cm thick.

Optodiscr08 (Samsung Pleomax 8X) Now burn at 4X :cool:

(a302 would try before, but always fail to read, had to burn at 8X).

I scanned them in my Lite-on 167T and they are as good or better than the 4x MCC03 Verbatims!!! (yes, I know the results are not directly comparable with those scanned in a writer - but under the same conditions in the same drive with the same data you can draw comparisons)

The polycarbonate is tougher too (like standard TDK’S) - The verbatims (and datasafes’) are very soft and scratch easily.

They are my new favourite disc! And they are Optodiscs’ :eek:

Thanks for the heads up. Upgrade completed without incident as always. Book Type settings still absent as expected.

I just updated to A303 and all the problems I had with rewriting RW media are gone - works like a charm now :wink:

Yeah, seem like a mass bug squishing excersise.

In other news - I just took delivery of 50 8X Phillips DVD+R’s.

They are the media code is INFOME-R20.

They are Optodisks! If Phillips trust’s them enough to put their name on them then I’m happy :slight_smile:

Go Optodisk

Philips seems to be using the cheapest Taiwanese DVD media. The quality may be good but the cost must be very low. Good business.

Yeah - they were the cheapest branded disks I could find.

But I’m prepared for the worst - I use MCC03 based media (Verbatim) or (Datasafe :Z - dusty) for backup and another brand (Samsung, Phillips, TDK) for my working copies.

Isn’t Datasafe MCC003 fake? At least Philips media must be reasonably OK quality. There are also NEC DVD media with BenQ MID’s. Not exactly the best but acceptable quality and acceptable cost.

If it’s fake then it’s a very good impersonation.

The colour is the same as my genuine versions, the bonding has the same pattern, the on disk inscription is the same.

I would like to know if they were though, I’ll do some research.