GSA-4160 A306 High PIF spikes(50-150)


i have this burner two years and always burned dvd with very high quality, no problem with reading in old toshiba dvd sd-m 1502. But a week ago, i burned a dvd, and the tosh. drive could not read. I tested the disk in a liteon lh20a1p kl0g, and there was a serious problem. On the beginning on the disk, there is one to three very high PIF spikes in the range 50 - 150. Sometimes they are on the ond of disk, too. The PIF values between are max 2-4.

I have tested verbatim dvd-r MCC03RG20 and now i bought genuine TYG02, but the problem persits. I tried 4x(i burn all movies) and 8x(data).

First I thought it is a media issue, but it seems like a drive error. Is my drive bad?

I also cleaned the lens, but with no effect…