Someone who first post at CDRLabs forum has asked about GSA-4120R.

Does anyone know what GSA-4120R is?

I got some Google search results.

DVD±Brenner LG GSA-4120R Retail 12x+R/4x+RW/8x-R/4x-RW/5xDVD-RAM/16xDVD-ROM
40xCD-R/ 24xCD-RW/ 40xCD-ROM (Preis inkl. Aktionsrabatt. Gutscheincode 04X06E4G im Bestellform. eingeb.)

That looks exactly like GSA-4120B.


i think it just means retail. 4120B means bulk and r retail…



No, the B in 4120B and 4082B does not mean bulk. There is no model name difference between bulk and non-bulk. The bulk drives are just there for the sheer sake of lower cost of shipping.