GSA-4120B + Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R

GSA-4120B is cheaper than Plextor PX-708A though a bit more expensive than NEC ND-2500A, with some differences in specifications.

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media now cost about US$1.5 per disc in Seoul. One of the other media known to burn at 12x speed with GSA-4120B and PX-712A is Ritek/Ricoh JPNR02 type. Ritek seems to produce them and they are sold under some names, like Lite-On, Platinum, RiData, and so on. Here in South Korea, RiData 8x DVD+R is just 10% cheaper than TY 8x DVD+R. I like TY’s spindle case and upper disc design more than those in Ridata and I trust TY more, too.

For now, this seems to be the best combination to me. Until DVD+R DL media price comes down to something like US$2 per disc, that is. :slight_smile:

For the consumers in the US, keep in mind that recordable DVD prices in South Korea usually are 50% higher than those in the US, for both drives and media.

I’ve been eye-shopping for camera/camcorder. Hitachi’s 380 DVD-R/DVD-RAM camcorder and Sanyo’s C1 SD-based digital camera that saves 640x480 30fps video to MPEG-4 files seem the most practical.

$623 lowest at (US) and about $1,100 at (South Korean.)

580 model seems much better but not available here.


I would like to try and have some TY 8x DVD+R media in germany. But the only 8x media you’ll find which are able to be burned at 12x are RICOHJPNR02 with different brands e.g. FUJI, Platinum (sometimes you get RICHOJPNR02, sometimes CMC-MAG-E02), RiData, Ricoh and more. But i’ve found no YUDEN000T02 media up to now in germany… :frowning:

I’ve ordered now some Ricoh 8x DVD+R with “golden” printed side just to try the JPNR02 media. I don’t want to go for platinum (as i’ve got up to know only CMC-MAG-E02 type) and other JPNR02 medias are more expensive or you’ll not know about the quality (e.g. TheOne DVD+R…).



PS: The media should arive here in a few days for a test.

Plextor 8x DVD+R should be YUDEN000T02. Available at for example for a premium price as always when it comes to Plextor :wink: BTW Feurio has also Philips DVD+R DL discs in stock, from €15 ea…

GSA-4082B for 7,600 Yen in Tokyo.

That’s US$70 or 80,000 Won.

I’ll have to look more for best prices of GSA-4120B and TY 8x DVD+R in Tokyo.