GSA - 4120B Solution found

Today, after a lot of tests I found that Via 4 in 1 drivers or some Via chipsets got problems with this burner.

Under a KT266A chipset, windows xp sp2 clean install and newer 4 in 1 drivers this dvd burner would not recognize usual movie dvds and it gave me a lot of errors on some medium.

I exchanged it for the new model GSA - 4160 and the problem was there again. So I tried it on a 875P mobo (IC7 - MAX3) and it works perfectly.

Sweet. Care to share this little bit of info with Mr. LG so he includes it in the 4120b manual? “If not working, buy a newer model, yours truly LG”…

And while you’re at it, tell him to put the darn thing on the web so the ones with “bulk” versions can also have a read… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, using nForce2 mobo, my LG has again screwed up on me, and totally at that. thought I had it all figured out, see my other posts :iagree: