GSA-4120B SEVERE and BIZZARE problems



Hi all,

I have a GSA-4120B drive, and lately, I’ve been having some REALLY WEIRD and SEVERE problems with it. As soon as I put a disc in, the PC will reboot. This will occur BEFORE any OS has had the chance to boot, so it is NOT a driver/software issue…

I tried another GSA-4120B, and had the same problem. My CD burner drive and DVD-ROM work perfectly though.

I have tried the drive in another PC, and it works perfectly…

Tried a different motherboard, but now instead of rebooting, it freezes/hangs… I’ve tried EVERYTHING with this drive - primary master/slave, secondary master/slave, even with NO other drives plugged in, including my HDD… I’m going CRAZY. I’m thinking it MIGHT be the power supply…? But that would be hard to explain, because it had always worked, and then just stopped one day out of the blue…

I’ve done a lot of googling, and it doesn’t seem like a common issue for this drive… I did find a post about the problem on another message board, but nobody seemed to be able to come up with any solutions or answers…

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Its starting to sounds like a power supply problem to me , thigs that poor power supplies can do are Freezes, resets, drives powering down etc. What make and wattage is your power supply as you could be running to much on 1 power supply. Also check this topic.


It’s a Skyhawk, on the “bad” list… hmm… not sure of the wattage, but everything has been running fine up until now… :a


Turned out it was the power supply. Got a cheap $20 one, and it fixed it all… haha.